1.5 – Good Girl, Gone Bad

Chapter 5

Rose’s POV


I stood outside Rebecca’s house, in awe, gazing up at the grand structure, my mind completely blown. The refreshing ocean breeze blew past us, lifting our hair and clothes, calling it to play in the wind. I was amazed, completely and utterly amazed.


She had left our house with no money, with just the clothes on her back and she’d ended up living here, on a water front property. The lot itself would have been expensive, my family would never be able to dream of purchasing it, but the house that sat on the quaint bit of land left me even more mind boggled.

It was huge, looming above me like a skyscraper, yet at the same time very colourful and the type of home you’d find on a beach. I couldn’t even comprehend it all, the views she must wake up to in the morning, the beautiful salty smell of the sea, the beaming sun smiling directly down on her, the golden sand practically in her backyard.


The street was filled with many other large houses, home to many prestigious families and rich couples. It was known as a friendly family street, and I could see why.


Her house front was speckled with trees, swaying gently in the breeze, thousands of exotic plants and pretty flowers forming a striking garden.

The large, spotless windows that filled her walls gave us a view into her spacious home, filled with luxurious furniture and the newest gadgets. I could hardly breathe, a wave of jealousy surging through me, frozen and shell shocked. This must have cost her a fortune!


“She’s done well for herself, considering she left with nothing,” Ty finally found his voice. “I bet she has a pool and all.”


I chuckled, trying to laugh it off, but deep down I knew it was true. She’d become a rich snob, presumably, and had left our family behind in the dust. She was lucky I hadn’t tracked her down properly and demanded some cash, since me and my Mum were stranded in a financial mess while she was living it up in the land of luxury.


“So, are we going to stand here all day or are we actually going to go in there and talk to her?” Damion asked from my side, before starting the journey up her glorious driveway.

We all followed him, feeling small compared to her magnificent entrance way housing her towering front door.


Damion pressed the doorbell, as we all stood in silence, listening to the ringing chimes that echoed through her house (I’d call it a mansion though). We all waited patiently for someone to come and answer the door, but for minutes there was no answer.

As Damion went to knock the door, in hope that her buzzer was broken, a sharp voice rang in our ears.


“I don’t want whatever it is you are trying to sell, so if you would please, step away from the door and leave my property at once,” it snapped.

“Actually, we aren’t salesmen…” Damion called back, as Haden inched closer to me, as we waited for some form of reaction.


Slowly, the sounds of heels slapping against the floor grew closer to us, before someone flung the door open in one magnificent swing. Opening it revealed Rebecca, stood up straight and holding herself with pride, one hand on her hip as she glared at the people who’d interrupted her.

“Hey, Becks,” Damion grinned, looking her up and down.


She was wearing a long, purple dress that just screamed “business lady”, her eyebrows plucked to perfection, each curl of her hair miraculously in line, outlining her angered face. I watched as her blue eyes widened, her face paling at the sight of us.

“What in God’s name are you doing here?” She uttered, drawing back and glaring at us from beneath her eyelashes. “I don’t remember getting in contact with any of you.”

“We’re here to talk, no one invited us,” Ty murmured, staring back at her.

She pursed her lips, as if debating on what to do, examining us. Her eyes danced across my face, taking extra care to take a closer look at her fully grown sister, as she gracefully stepped back, slamming the door closed in our faces.

Damion’s foot snapped out just in time, as if he was used to this sort of thing, and jammed itself in the door, stopping her from shutting it fully.


“Well, you could at least say hi before slamming the door in our faces!” Damion yelled, trying to keep it open as she applied more and more pressure, delicately trying to kick his foot out of the way.

“Leave this instant, Damion!” Rebecca yelled back, from behind the door, as she rammed herself into it, trying to block us out.


Damion pushed back, with all his might, using every last bit of his strength to push the door open. The door smashed against the wall inside, screaming on its hinges, sending Rebecca flying as it tore open, stumbling across the hallway in her heels.

Damion stepped inside, the rest of us unsure if it was right, she could get pretty angry when she wanted to, and I didn’t feel right entering her house without permission. But what other choice did we have? There was no way she’d ever invite us inside…


Rebecca backed away from him, raising her finger to point at him.

“You take a step closer and I will phone the police. You are breaking and entering my house, this is an offence. You really think I want to see you? Believe me, you are the last person on this planet I want to see, at the moment,” she shot, her voice clipped and filled with venom.


“Rebecca, we just want to talk,” I assured, approaching her slowly.

“I do not want to hear another word. You think I want to talk to you either? You think I want to see any of you? If you have come begging for money, then back off. I am not giving you a penny, I have worked for this and I am not about to give it all away,” she shrieked, still shuffling away from us as we drew closer.

“We didn’t come for money, Rebecca. We just came to talk, like I told you. We’re here to help you, not steal from you,” I tried to calm her down, but nothing was working.


“You people are insane. I would never associate myself with you ever again, I am not part of that horrible family anymore,” she snapped.

“Yes, you are. We are your siblings, and that’s never going to change!” I reasoned.

“Actually-“she was cut off by my impatient brother, Ty.


“Look, I know you don’t want to see us, but we need to talk to you. You could be in danger,” Ty spoke clearly and calmly, in an attempt to get her to listen and relax her slightly.

“You people have no manners. You could have called, rather than breaking into my house… You-you-you criminals!” She roared, stuttering as she tried to think of the right word to describe us.

That certainly wasn’t it.


About to fight back, we were stopped as a little girl came toddling down the hall. Her black hair reminded me of my Mum, yet she was so young, barely over two or three years old. Rebecca scooped her up, turning her nose up at us in disgrace.

“Mummy! W-who are these people?” the girl giggled kicking her legs, as she was picked up.

Mummy? Rebecca had a daughter?! Why had she never told us? I couldn’t believe Rebecca had a child, and more importantly I was an Auntie.


“Holy shit,” Damion cursed under his breath, completely gobsmacked like the rest of us.

I elbowed him sharply in the stomach.

“Don’t swear in front of toddlers!” I scolded, raising my eyebrows at him.


The sweet sound of a child’s laughter rang in my ears, as my niece giggled in Rebecca’s arms, flinging her head back in delight. I couldn’t help but smile, it felt like music to my ears. She must have found me hitting Damion funny, and I had a strange urge to do it again and get more of a reaction but I stopped myself, not wanting to come off as mean.

“Mummy, who are they?” The girl asked again, after she’d calmed down a little.

Rebecca paused, thinking deeply about telling her daughter who we were. She must have told her sometime that she had other family! She couldn’t have just pretended we didn’t exist, we were her family, and she had grown up with us. She glared at us, before looking back at her daughter, her hardened gaze softening.


“Um…” she stuttered, looking between us again. I baited my breath, hoping she’d let her daughter know that she had Aunties and Uncles. “No one you need to know, darling,” she finished, biting her lip and holding herself back from revealing who we really were.

“Bull sh-“Damion yelled, stopping himself from swearing at the last moment when I glared. “Bull poo. I want my niece to know that I’m her Uncle. Is that bad? Don’t you owe us some sort of debt, after locking us out for so many years?”


“What’s a U-uncle?” her daughter asked, testing the new word out with her mouth. “Uncle, uncle, uncle.”

Rebecca’s eyes widened, giving us a look so angry it could kill, as she realised she was stuck in a bad situation. She didn’t have much choice.

“They are my old family,” she spat out, as if it tasted disgusting, seething with rage.

Her daughter mumbled something, but I couldn’t make it out as she was already trying to fit her whole fist in her mouth as she chewed on her fingers thoughtfully.


“Well, that girl there is your Auntie Rose. The boy there is your Uncle Tyler and the boy next to him is your Uncle Damion,” she explained cautiously, pausing when she reached Damion’s name before quickly spitting it out. “And that is Rose’s friend.”

I was surprised she’d actually told her who we were, considering she avoided us at all costs for years on end.


“I guess you guys might as well sit down. I am sure you have as many questions as I do,” she hissed, leading us through to her living room much to her distaste. We’d basically forced ourselves in, and she didn’t like it one bit.

The walls were full of photos of her daughter, smiling and wearing different fancy outfits, along with a few framed wedding photos. You learn something new every day. My sister was married.


We all took a seat, while her daughter crawled over to her toys on the floor.

“So, what’s her name?” I asked, sitting on the edge of her posh looking couch.

“Victoria,” she smiled as the name passed her lips, lighting up her face at the mention of her daughter. “So, when you said I was in danger, did you mean it? I want to get this over and done with, and if I am in danger then I want to know about it.”

“Yes,” I said, ignoring the last part. “We all are.”


Explaining everything was no easy task, with Rebecca sighing and groaning and asking question after question in her curt tone.

Rebecca sat in silence as we gave her some time for it all to sink in.

“I know, it’s a lot to take in,” I smiled, waiting for her to say something. Her face was masked well, showing no emotion, completely blank.


“I knew I should not have trusted you desperate, atrocious, foul-smelling lamentable mistakes by our parent’s reckless exchange of genetic material!” Rebecca snapped. “I want you out of here immediately.”

“Rebecca!” Ty yelled, angry that she’d just insulted us in her snobby terms. “She’s telling the truth!”

“Oh, of course she is. We are all being stalked, and you know what, I have a pet unicorn in the backyard! Want to see it?” She scoffed, shaking her head. “You expect me to believe her just because my crack head “brother” says she’s telling the truth?!”


She was beginning to lose her temper.

Where did that come from? All we were doing was talking, trying to warn her and protect her and her family. We were being nice and she just blows up in our faces.


“Mummy, what’s a crack head?” Victoria yelled, grinning at the word.

Oh no.

“Well Vicky, some people really like to…” Damion began to explain.


“Don’t dare talk to her, Damion! And her name is not Vicky, it is Victoria. No variations. Victoria and only Victoria. In fact, I do not want you to ever talk to her again. She is not your child, she is not your niece, and she is not even related to you!” Rebecca barked.

“Wow, calm down, sis. We came here to warn you, not to be yelled at,” Damion replied, trying to keep his breathing under control and not snap at her again.

“Stop calling me that. I am not your sister. I am not part of your family. I disowned you long ago. I am part of the Windsor family now. I’m married, remember,” she stated, raising her hand and pointing out the huge diamond that shone on it.


Another stab of jealousy.

“What’s so wrong with us?” Damion asked, angry that she was being such a bitch.


“What isn’t wrong with you?” she smirked, sitting back in her chair and crossing her legs. “You are a family made up entirely of foolish criminal minds, poor uneducated swine’s, living your silly dead end lives. No jobs, just drugs. No nice possessions, just debt. No Father, just an evil prison inmate. No sister, just a crazed psychopath. No Mother, just a depressed mess hardly holding at the seams. No brothers, just scary monsters who have no future in life… No family, just people who used to live together. No love, no trust, no nothing.”

Sadly, she was telling the truth. What had we become? What had happened to our old lives, our old family?


“I am disgraced of you, I am embarrassed I was once a Bane. That is exactly why I cut all ties with you and married into another family. Me and my husband, we are the complete opposite of you guys. We are money making, hard headed business people, with intelligence seeping out of our ears,” she explained.


Just then, a man strode into the room, dressed smartly in a suit, swinging a briefcase by his side before dumping it in the corner. I recognised him, he was the man kissing my sister in the wedding photos, and he was the one helping her cut the cake. This must have been her husband. He had an air of arrogance around him, a dazzling smile that was sure to charm anyone in his road.

“Rebecca, you didn’t tell me we had guests,” he grinned, making his way over to us.


“Oh, Victor, you are home early. These guests were just leaving,” Rebecca smiled back, nodding her head towards the door.

“Rebecca, don’t you understand?” I cried out, trying to get her to understand the situation. “Don’t you get it?! We. Are. In. Danger.”

Rebecca turned to look at me, her eyes full of boiling hatred and hostility. I was starting to get annoyed. All we were trying to do was help her and she was being a bitch about it. An aggravating, stuck up, rich bitch.


“What is she talking about, honey?” Victor asked, awaiting answers.

“She is lying. These are my siblings, you know, the crazy ones I told you about,” Rebecca muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration.

“I wouldn’t call us crazy!” Damion denied. “Well, Kara being an exception…”


“They basically broke in, dear, and they are blatantly refusing to leave,” Rebecca continued, blanking out Damion.

Now she was lying! Okay, fair enough we did kind of appear out of nowhere and arrive uninvited but I wouldn’t call it breaking in.

The man looked aghast, taking a step back and frowning.

“I think it’s time for you all to leave!” Victor roared, pointing our way to the door.

“Oh yeah?” Damion stood up, trying to act tough. “And what are you going to do if we don’t leave?”


“I’ll call the police. I’m sure they would love to get their hands on you, Damion. You might even get some bonding time with your stupid, little Father.” Victor barked, rearing his head back in anger.

I shot up and jumped between the two raging men, knowing that if I didn’t then Damion would knock some teeth out and rearrange Victor’s face. Even though Victor deserved it, and I would have done it too if I was in Damion’s shoes, the last thing I wanted was Damion locked up.


“Come on, he’s not worth it, Damion. Let’s just go,” I said, hoping he would listen to me.

“Fine,” Damion huffed, stepping down from the fight.


“Oh and Rebecca, you have a brilliant choice in men!” He yelled sarcastically before storming out the room.



Damion gazed out at the vast landscape before him, the fog emitting from the ground, casting a ghostly look over the estate. An eerie silence spread out in the dim light of the evening, as he slowly dialled the dreaded number into his phone.

He hadn’t wanted it to come to this, but what could he do now?


Pressing his mobile to his ear, he patiently listened to the ringing on the other end.

Did he really want to do this? He didn’t have any choice.

A click signalled that someone had answered, and he took a deep breath, knowing he was closing someone’s fate.


“I think it’s time…”

Hi, I hope you enjoyed again! I apologise for the lack of picture quality, it’s been slipping lately, since I’ve been so busy. 

What does everyone think about Rebecca then? And Victoria? What about Victor? I’d like to hear opinions and feedback. 


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Chapter 4.5 – A Stab In The Dark

Okay, so hi everyone, I’m so glad to tell you, I’m publishing again! This chapter took a lot of hard work and determination, most days I just didn’t want to load up my game or even think about sims, so it took a while but it’s finally here.
Now, I have a lot of things to apologise for, so here’s a list:

  • The long wait 
  • The crappy photos
  • The glitchy poses
  • The wonky knife (that preferred people’s knuckles rather than their hands)

Anyway, let’s get on with the chapter. I hope you enjoy! 



Standing in the doorway was a man, who I assumed was Joe Lockwood, growling in at us, rage evident on his crazed features.

“You fucked my girlfriend.” He barked, flaring his nostrils and tensing his rippling muscles.

“Your girlfriend came onto me.” Damion argued back, standing confidently, a smug smile on his face.


Joe’s face went a brilliant red, and for a moment I worried he was going to literally explode, before he shuddered in anger, running for Damion. A knife appeared in his hand, long and polished, gleaming in the dim room.


I gasped in horror, shoving my hands over my mouth to muffle it, realising he couldn’t know we were here. Damion jumped out the way, hardly missing the pointed knife as it hurtled into the wall, piercing a small hole in the cheap plaster.


Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Damion retrieved a knife, identical to the one his enemy was clutching and waving at his face. Damion dodged out the way, stumbling backwards, almost tripping over the furniture that dotted his living space.


Joe raced at him, again, not giving up easily. Damion launched himself out of the way, leaving Joe grasping at thin air. Spinning around to come face to face with each other, Joe blindly swung his knife through the air, chopping and cutting, desperately hoping to make impact with Damion’s vulnerable body.


Damion kicked Joe hard in the ankle, knocking him off balance and making him lose his concentration. Smirking, Damion aimed for his face, attempting to slice it, but Joe regained his balance at the last moment and pushed back.


Damion’s knife cut deeply into Joe’s cheek, blood dribbling onto his face, lighting his pale skin with a bright crimson gleam, decorating his clothing with splashes of red. Joe stumbled backwards, wincing in pain, wiping at the horrible cut on his face.

“You might as well stop now, Joe. You’ll never win against me.” Damion spat, clear and confident, challenging him to fight on.


Joe charged at him, faster than ever, slamming Damion onto the wall behind. I heard a loud crack, as Damion’s skull hit against the wall, sending little pieces of plaster to the ground, fluttering in circles like snowflakes.

Pinning him against the wall, Joe knocked Damion’s knife free from his hand, causing me to almost scream, but I bit my lip before it could come out, saving me and Ty’s hiding spot.


Joe pressed the knife against Damion’s neck, looking gleeful and proud that he had finally defeated the man who had slept with his girlfriend.

“Any last words, Bane!?” Joe laughed, manically.


Ty burst from the cupboard, before I could grab onto his jumper and pull him back and ran at Joe, preparing to knock him to the ground. Grasping onto the back of Joe’s shirt, Ty pulled him off Damion and threw him to the ground. Straight away, Damion was onto Joe, kicking him repeatedly in the face, while he was still down.

Flailing, and clearly losing, Joe scrambled about, spitting blood from his mouth, trying to block the merciless attacks with his hand. His attempts were futile. At a mad last hope, Joe grabbed Damion’s leg and pulled him to the ground. He jumped to his feet, backing away from my brothers, as Ty helped Damion back onto his feet.


Without either of them looking, Joe ran for the closet I was in, trying to hide away from them. Opening the door, I froze, panicking on the inside, terrified of what might happen to me. Do I yell to my brothers? Call for help? I was helpless basically.


An evil grin spread across his face, as he grabbed onto me and pulled me from the cupboard. I was soon introduced to the horrible sensation of cold steel pressed against my throat, melting down on the inside.

When Damion and Ty turned to face us, their eyes widened with alarm.


“Let go of her!” Damion demanded, gripping onto his knife he’d found on the floor.

“Why should I?” Joe asked, pressing the knife further into my throat, sending rips of pain through me, almost drawing blood.

“If you don’t, I’ll kill you!” Damion yelled, stepping closer.

“You’ll kill me, no matter what I do. So what do I have to lose?” Joe chuckled, his hot breath against my neck, giving me the chills.


The knife pressed even closer against my skin, and I tried to hold back the sob at the back of my throat, not wanting to show how scared I felt. It dawned on me, he was really going to kill me. I had to escape, there was no other choice but if I struggled the knife would only cut into me, making my attempts worthless.


I had to find some other way, some other weak spot… An idea popped into my head, and I couldn’t stop a smile spreading across my face. I brought my heel up backwards, sending it sailing into Joe’s balls, kicking him as hard as I could.

The knife against my neck fell and his grip on me loosened, as he bent over, groaning in agony. I ran over to Damion and Ty, breathing heavily and wiping sweat from my brow. That had been a tense situation, to say the least.


To my surprise, they both hugged me, telling me over and over that they were glad I was okay. Hesitantly, I hugged them back. This was the closest I’d been to having a proper family in years!

“Thank god you’re okay.” Ty whispered in my ear.

“You gave me a bloody heart attack, Rose. Don’t you dare scare me like that ever again.” Damion sighed, finally releasing me from his grip.


I was lucky to be alive, I was surprised kicking him worked, but I didn’t stand around to contemplate it, I was just thankful it had.

“I’m gonna kill him!” I heard Damion yell, walking across the room to where I’d last seen him.


I turned, expecting to see Damion and Joe engaged in a fight, Damion beating him to a pulp. Sadly, Joe was nowhere to be seen and the noise from downstairs had quietened as if they had finally retreated. I noticed a breeze in the room, that hadn’t been there before and turned to see one of Damion’s windows flung wide open. Sighing, I realised Joe must have acted fast and climbed to freedom. Damion was over there in a flash, looking out to the fire escape that led down to the ground, infuriated that he’d let him go.


“Shit!” He shouted, kicking the wall. “He got away!”

I could tell he was mad, so I went over and comforted him.

“It’s okay Damion, you’ll get him next time.” I assured, rubbing his back gently.


“You don’t understand, Rose. He could have killed you and it would have been my fault! God, why am I so stupid!?” He yelled.

“You’re not stupid, Damion.” I cooed, still shocked about what had just happened.


Damion’s second in command, burst into the room, grinning from ear to ear, radiating with pride and happiness.

“We fought them off!” He declared.

“And none of you twats thought it would be a good idea for one of you to stay behind and watch the apartment!?” He demanded, taking his anger out on someone else.

“We did…” The man trailed off, looking puzzled. “We left Zac.”


At that moment, the red haired man stumbled into the room, blood spreading across the floor as he tumbled forward. Crashing to his knees in front of Damion, the full extent of his injuries showed through, blood splattering at my brother’s shoes, Zac heaving and desperately clutching at his wounded chest.

He stared into my brothers eyes, cold, alone and quickly draining of life. Zac opened his mouth, as if to talk, but his jaw fell open, and blood poured out, as he gurgled and choked. As trails of blood dribbled down his sweat smeared chin, I felt a gasp leave my mouth, and tears burn my eyes.

The guy in front of me was dying, chocking on his own blood, unable to breath properly after a stab to the lungs. How could anyone do something like this to a seemingly innocent person? Was there anything we could do to stop it?


“Shit!” Damion cursed, rushing over to his over to his fallen member. He looked to the other man for help, panicking. Glancing back at us, his eyes widened when they met mine, realising I was trying to hold back a sob. “Ty, take Rose into the other room.”

“But-“Ty began, cut off by Damion as his eyes pierced Ty’s skin.

“Just do it!” He snapped, “Do you really want her to see this!?”

Screenshot-368 3

Ty did what he was told, but I didn’t care, my eyes were stuck on the man on the ground, desperately clinging on to what life he had left, gasping his last breath of air as his pulse slowed down.

As he grabbed me from behind and dragged me out of the room, I was too tired to fight back, too tired to even speak. The only thing running through my mind, the only thought I could process was that I’d just seen a man being killed. Reality smashed into pieces, everything crashed down around me, the perfect lies I’d tried to construct around Damion’s life crumbled to dust.


I blinked, pressing my eyes closed, the scene burning into my mind, the helpless man squabbling on the floor, as people stared at him, not even trying to save his life. It was over, his entire life was over, and it really hit home. Even though I had no idea who that man was, even though I didn’t know his family or his friends, I felt a pang in my heart, an overwhelming guilt stab into my back and the worries in my head span out of control.

Opening my eyes, I was sitting on Damion’s bed, shaking badly, and hyperventilating. The tears that pooled under my eyelids were unleashed, pouring down my face like torrential rain.

What if that had been Damion? What if things had gone differently today and that had been Damion crumpled on the ground, blood pouring from his mouth?

Screenshot-368 2

I couldn’t get the image out of my head, no matter how hard I shook it, it kept replaying over and over, like a record stuck on repeat. It was hell, worse than any nightmare I’d ever experienced. I felt lucky, I’d survived attempted murder, I’d been given another chance to live my life, but Zac wasn’t so lucky…

Anxiously, Ty and I waited in silence, Ty in almost as bad a state as I was in, unable to comfort each other.


After what felt like an eternity, Damion entered the room, looking madder than he’d been earlier.

“Is he going to be okay?” Ty whispered, sniffling.

“Of course not, he’s dead!” Damion yelled, losing his temper.


Damion was really annoyed, I could tell that much. I hadn’t seen him this angry since Dad was arrested. Damion yelled abuse at the police officers, convinced they’d gotten the wrong man, telling them that they were wrong. How crazy, right? So much had changed since then, so much had happened in everyone’s lives after my Dad had been taken away by the police, it was almost like a turning point in everyone’s lives, shaping them into who they were today.

After the officers had left, the sirens screeching out of the street, Damion had ran round the house in a rampage, breaking everything is his way. We tried to talk to him, but no one could talk sense into him, he’d snapped. Mum knew he needed time alone, to think, so she wouldn’t let us go into his room for a while.


Damion sat next to me on the bed, chewing his lip as he thought.

“So how are you guys getting home? I could drive you, if you like,” Damion offered.

“Nah, we can walk,” Ty said.


“Are you kidding!? Lockwood’s gang is out there, you can’t just walk past them all. You’ll get killed,” Damion responded.

Damion did have a point, Joe Lockwood was the last person I wanted to run into today. I couldn’t even think straight, I couldn’t speak properly, and I was still hung up about what had happened in the other room.

How had they just brushed it off so easily? Did this sort of thing happen all the time?


“Haden could pick us up,” I suggested.

Damion shot me a look of disgust. Haden and him never really got on very well, they’d always argue when they bumped into each other. Apparently, we were too “close” for his liking, I guessed he thought that Haden was like so many other football players in our school. Mean, ignorant, popular, constantly bragging about how perfect they were. The typical Jock, only looking for one thing from girls and that sure as hell wasn’t friendship.

“I can’t believe you still hang out with that jerk, are you out with him or something?” Damion spat, glaring at me.


“No!” I shrieked. “Look, do you want us to walk or not?”

“Fine,” Damion groaned, annoyed that he was forced into agreeing. He always liked to get his own way in things.


I called Haden straight away, trying to distract myself from the horrible events that had gone down earlier today, and desperate to get out of that hellish building. Haden agreed to pick us up, so I quickly told him the address and hung up.

“So, do you want to come with us to talk to Rebecca tomorrow?” Ty asked, breaking the never-ending silence that descended upon us.


“Sure, I’ve got nothing better to do,” Damion replied, picking his nails as he spoke. I couldn’t believe how unaffected he was to the death of a fellow gang member, how he seemed like he was all fine and dandy. Didn’t he feel bad, or sad?

Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting Damion to want to come with us to talk to Rebecca. They didn’t have the best relationship, after all. They used to be at each other’s throat constantly, they never gave it a rest.

A car honk echoed outside, signalling that it was time to leave. I rushed over to the window, spotting Haden’s car outside. Turning back to them, about to announce the arrival of our escape vehicle, I stopped, my eye catching Damion’s bedroom door. It was slightly ajar, giving me enough space to look into the other room, revealing a few men cleaning up the blood from the floor, like it was some ungodly chore.

I stopped myself from crying, knowing I had to put on a strong front, act like it hadn’t got to me. I couldn’t let them know how weak I was, they already viewed me as a child, and I didn’t need to give them more reason to speak down to me.


“Haden’s here.” I choked out, avoiding their looks, and turning away from the open door.

Don’t look, Rose, it will only make you feel worse. Don’t let it get to you. People die all the time, it’s not any different. I tried to convince myself, yet it wasn’t working.

Damion gave us both his number, before we headed downstairs.


As we opened the door, and stepped out into the chilly evening air, my heart stopped at the sight in front of me. A man, one of them from before, was pointing a gun at Haden’s head as he shakily put his hands in the air.

“Damion, I think this guy is part of Lockwood’s gang,” the guy smirked.

Damion didn’t reply, instead breaking into a malicious grin.

“Damion, tell him to put the gun down!” I yelled, looking between the two of them, scared for Haden’s life.

I was getting tired of this shit, now.

Damion waited a few more seconds, before finally announcing he was a friend.


“Fine, put the gun down, he’s cool.”

The guy reluctantly lowered his gun, at the same time as Haden lowered his hands, breathing a sigh of relief.

“You know, you can be such an asshole, Damion,” I shot, before I stormed over to Haden’s car and jumped in.


“Love you too, Rose!” Damion yelled, sarcastically as Ty and Haden climbed in after me.

“So, what happened?” Haden asked, looking at me in disbelief.

“It’s a long story,” I muttered, blinking back tears, thinking back on what had happened today, as the engine roared to life.


“Again, I always have time to listen.” He smiled, as I launched into the unbelievable tale.

That’s Chapter 4 complete, I hope you liked it. What did everyone think? What’s everyone’s opinion on Damian then? 

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Updates Should Be Back on Track

Starting from next week, all updates should be back on track, and hopefully we’ll get back into a schedule quickly, since we’ve been a bit distracted lately. Sadly, my update day may change, since I have a lot of stuff to do on Tuesdays, so it may end up being a Saturday or Sunday, leaving me more time to work on pictures and not have as much pressure on my shoulders, which I don’t work well under.

Apologies for not getting updates up the past week or two, I’ve been on holiday, and then when I came back things were kind of hectic and I was a bit out of whack.

Thankfully, I should start working on the next update tomorrow. I hope you guys enjoy, and stick by the legacy even though I’m a complete idiot who can’t update very well!

Thanks again,


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1.4 – A Stab In The Dark

Chapter 4

Rose’s POV


The sweet smell of bacon woke me from my peaceful slumber, my eyes fluttering open as I slowly sat up. Realising I was in the living room, I went into a state of confusion, wondering how I’d ended up there, before the memories of last night came flooding back.


I sighed, moving cushions and blankets out of my way, getting up. The scratchy carpet beneath my feet, sent a prickling sensation over my entire body, making me wish Mum had spent a little bit extra to get some better carpet.

Dragging myself through to the kitchen, I was met with a joyous sight, Haden frying me bacon.


“Hey.” I greeted him, taking a seat at the kitchen table, my stomach growling at the sight of such amazing food.

“Hey Rose.” He acknowledged me, slapping perfectly cooked bacon onto a fresh roll. Not too crispy, not undercooked and no fat in sight.

Haden was always a chef to me, he cooked me breakfast almost every day, like it was his second job. He’d gotten so used to it, that I didn’t even have to ask anymore. I’d just wake up from my restless sleep and he’d be in the kitchen, getting busy, ingredients sprawled over the counters, pots and pans sizzling on the stove. I’m useless in the kitchen, while he’s the complete opposite. It’s completely unfair. He can make the fanciest, most delicious meals and I can’t even toast a slice of bread without burning it.


A few seconds later, Haden appeared at the kitchen table with two plates. Each had a bacon roll on it, resembling a little slice of heaven. He placed one in front of me, and the other at his empty spot at the table, sitting down next to me and beginning to eat.

I wolfed it down, my appetite crazy for some food and this was perfect thing to cure it, savouring each and every bite.


My phone vibrated in my pocket, indicating that I’d received a text. Taking it out, the message said it was from Ty, so I opened it up quickly, feeling excitement rise up inside of me at the thought of going to visit my brother for the first time in years.

Hi Rose. Come 2 my place at 12 so we can go see Damion.

Looking at the time, I quickly finished my roll since it was already half eleven and I only had half an hour to get ready.


“Just realising that you got up in the afternoon, sleeping beauty?” Haden smirked, watching my reaction when my eyes flicked to my phones built in digital clock. “You slept like a rock. Maybe I should stay over more often?”

I rolled my eyes, chuckling softly at Haden’s jokes.

“Can you drop me off at Ty’s apartment at twelve, please?” I asked, standing from my chair.

“Sure.” He replied, taking another bite from his roll.

“Thanks!” I smiled, heading for the stairs. “I’m just going to get ready.”


After a quick shower, and drying my hair, I pulled on some fresh clothes. By the time I got back downstairs, Haden was already in his car and waiting for me.


You never have to ask him twice, I thought to myself as I jumped in the passenger seat. Haden had some silly radio on, so I changed it to my favourite band and listened to it on the way.

“Are you sure you’re fine with going to see Damion without me?” Haden worried, glancing over at me.

“Yes, I’m sure. I’ll have Ty with me, he can do a good job of protecting me too.” I replied, smirking at the thought of them both being my private body guards.


I let my mind drift, thinking about why Damion had left us behind, why he’d abandoned his own family to go take over a stupid gang. Damion wasn’t that responsible as a kid, or well behaved, always pulling pranks on his teachers at school, flooding the bathrooms wherever he went and picking fights with innocent people including Ty and Haden. It just didn’t seem right that he could be in charge of so many people, organising them and looking after them, just generally helping them out.


In school, Damion would never fail to get detention every single day. I remember one week, he never got any and Mum bought him a brand new video game, completely shocked and proud that he lasted so long without getting in so much trouble. It was pointless giving him detention anyway, he hardly ever turned up.

When he got into High School, he started ditching school altogether, claiming he’d rather hang out with his friends on the football pitch or in the park. I think the only reason he acted up so much was for attention, from my parents and his peers, always trying to stay the centre of attention for a little bit longer. After all, it’s really hard to get attention when you’re the eldest of five kids.


Eventually, Haden and I pulled up outside Ty’s apartment. Ty was already waiting for me, impatiently tapping his foot against the sidewalk, leaning against a wall lazily. Jumping out the car, I yelled my goodbyes and went over to greet him. He looked worse than usual, like he hadn’t slept last night either.

“Hey.” I smiled, skipping over to him.


“Hello.” He replied, pushing himself of the wall and approaching me. “Look, Rose, I just want to make sure you’re aware that Damion will probably not be how you remember him. So don’t expect him to be.”

“How many times do you need to tell me? I’m not expecting him to be, anyway, trust me. Where does he live?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“Only a short walk from here.” He started walking ahead of me, making me run to catch up.


As we walked, I started to wonder about Ty. Looking at him now, he’d grown older, changed into a new man, in more ways than one. For a start, he’d stopped taking drugs, which was as big as a surprise as when he’d started. I couldn’t help but think, why did he ever start in the first place?

I’d tried to ask him that question numerous times, but I’d never gotten a direct answer in return. It was like he was avoiding it, trying to dodge the subject as much as possible. His most common answer was: “Because I want too”. I was one of the first people to find out about his problem, accidently of course. I had walked into his room, forgetting to knock, and caught him in the act, as high as a kite.


He begged me to keep it a secret, he pleaded with me to not tell Mum. I didn’t tell her, of course, as I’d already managed to lose Rebecca and Damion and I knew that if she ever found out he would be long gone, chucked out and forced to fend for himself. She’d make us all cut ties with him, which she ended up doing anyway. I’d assumed it was a onetime thing, but I’d obviously been wrong. I started to notice him taking more and more, but I kept my mouth shut since he’d made me promise to keep it between the two of us.

Instead, I tried to make him stop myself. He didn’t listen to a word I said though. Then things went very wrong, very fast. Mum found his stash and threw him onto the streets instantly. I felt terrible, there was nothing I could do to stop it.


He called me nonstop, telling me that he was sorry and asking me to convince Mum to let him move back in. I did try, but every time I mentioned his name, the conversation was shot down and Mum would ignore me blatantly, like a spoilt child. Ty stopped calling after a while.


“Ty… Why did you start taking drugs?” I asked, unsure if it was too personal of a question and whether he would answer me properly or not.

“I was at a party, everyone else was taking them, and so I joined in. I gave in to peer pressure and the need to be cool, but I wish I never had. It’s wrecked my life. My mate gave me some more, and I became dependent on them.” He explained. From the expression on my face, and the silence that halted our conversation, he knew how I felt. “I’m sorry for making you keep it a secret, it wasn’t fair on you.”


“It’s fine. I wouldn’t have told Mum anyway.” I admitted, falling in step beside him.

“How is Mum, by the way?” He asked, taking a turning when we reached a rundown looking street.

“The same, I guess. She’s still really overprotective.” I told him, smiling.


Ty chuckled, a strange sound I’d never heard come out of his mouth before. I hadn’t seen him smile or laugh properly since I’d first seen him in the alley.

“When you leave, you start to miss all her fussing. Her constantly telling you when to get home, telling you over and over not to go out alone, not to walk home without your friends… You miss it all.”


At this point, we began to enter one of the more dangerous parts of Auberon, the bad part. My Mum had drilled it into my brain never to come anywhere near here. If there was ever a rape, murder, fight, robbery or shooting in the newspaper, it mainly happened here. I should have guessed that Damion lived here, after all this is the place where all the gangs hang about.

Every wall and building was masked in graffiti. Bad words, crude drawings, horrifying threats and cool tags covered every inch of concrete. I could just make out tiny little dents in the walls, as I passed rundown building after rundown building, where I presumed bullets had hit and managed to pierce.


I followed Ty, stepping over piles of rubbish, smashed up toilets, piles of shit (unsure if they belonged to humans or dogs), and burnt bins and benches. Avoiding the stray dogs that lumbered about, and the lifeless bodies in the street that smelt of piss and cheap beer, not sure if they were dead or passed out.


Finally we reached a decaying building, crumbling at the edges and the smell coming from within made me want to throw up. It looked like it had about three floors, most of the windows smashed or boarded up. On the front, there was one tag sprayed on, the only graffiti on the whole building (surprisingly, since the others were so covered in it). It read “Bane’s Turf”, with a creepy looking symbol behind it.


“Well, this is definitely the right place.” Ty whistled, pushing over the entrance doors and stepping in.

The foyer was damp and disgusting, empty of people but full of rubbish.

“Damion’s on the third floor.” Ty said, beginning the long march up the creaky stairs.


We eventually reached the third floor, shivering from the cold gusts of wind that blew in from the holes in the walls, and the horrible unwelcome feeling we were beginning to feel.


There was a long corridor leading up to a set of double doors that would have looked fancy in their time, but were now hundreds of years old and becoming quite mouldy. Two men were leaning against the wall, blocking us from entering, looking gruesome and tough. Their skin was full of crappy tattoos, their noses broken and mushed to the side, their faces covered in scars and bruises…

Just my luck that they were standing guard at Damion’s door, right?!

When they spotted us, their eyes narrowed automatically, focusing on us, the evil intruders.


“Who are you and what do you want?” One of them snapped, spit flying from their mouth, as we slowly walked forward.

“We’re Ty and Rose Bane and we’re here to see our brother, Damion.” Ty answered, his voice quavering.

The two men looked at each other, as if having a silent conversation, before turning back to examine us.


“Damion didn’t tell us he was expecting visitors.” The other growled, his voice deep and croaky.

Were these men really guarding Damion? The only reason I could think of was that since Damion was their leader, they had to protect him from rival gangs.

“He didn’t know we were coming.” Ty explained, glancing between the two buff men.

“Do you think we’re thick!? We weren’t born yesterday. What gang are you from?” The other barked, the muscles in his arms bulging as he tensed.


“I bet they’re from Lockwood’s gang.” His friend remarked, looking us up and down.

What the hell were we going to do!? We couldn’t just stand here and let ourselves me killed.

“We’re not part of anyone’s gang!” Ty tried to yell, trying to come off as confident but failing miserably.

“Check ‘um for weapons.” One of them instructed the other.


Nodding, the blonde haired one approached us, snarling under his breath. He checked Ty first, stuffing his hands into Ty’s pockets, patting up and down his legs, checking his shoes and finally moving onto his upper half. The man pulled up Ty’s top to reveal a gun tucked into the waistband of his jeans.

The man pulled it out, scoffing in disgrace and tossing it to his partner, who was smirking triumphantly.


“That’s just for self-defence.” Ty yelped.

“Yeah right!” The red haired one yelled, pointing his chubby finger at me. “Check the girl!”


Luckily, he found nothing on me, stepping back and turning to his fiery red companion to give his verdict. I was still shocked, trying to get over the fact that Ty had a gun. Why? Why would he ever think he needed it?

“What do we do with them?” The blonde asked, glaring at me and my brother.


“We take them to Damion and let him deal with ‘um. It’s his favourite part of the job.” The other man replied.

The blonde one grabbed my arm, so tightly it hurt and shoved a loaded gun to my head. I heard the other one do the same thing to Ty, but was too scared to turn and look.


“If you two try anything, we won’t hesitate to blow your brains out.” Red threatened, pushing Ty forward.

I was terrified. I’d never been within metres of gun, and now one was being pointed at my head.


Blondie shouldered the door open, dragging me inside with him. The cold metal pressed against my temple, painfully reminding me that if I made a wrong move I was dead. Red and Ty followed after us, bringing us inside Damion’s apartment. This visit wasn’t going exactly to plan…


I spotted Damion sitting on his couch, a half empty beer in his hand, the TV switched to football. His eyes never left the screen, but from my muffled noises of fear and the sound of guns being pushed against our heads, he could easily tell what was happening. Smirking, he beckoned Red and Blondie over.

They pushed us forward slightly, guns still pressed to our heads.


“Damion, these people are claiming to be your brother and sister.” Blondie announced, shaking his head at how ridiculous it sounded.

Damion turned to get a look at us, his eyes widening when they landed on my hunched figure. His eyes filled with both surprise and alarm, yet they were cold and disbelieving.

“Put the fucking guns down!” Damion barked, standing from his seat and bounding over to us. “They are my brother and sister, you twats.”


The two men lowered their guns immediately, letting go of our arms and taking a step back.

“Sorry Damion, we had no idea. And that guy was armed with a gun!” Red explained.

“Just get out of here, and if I see any of you hold a gun to Rose or Ty again, I’ll fucking kill you.” He yelled after them, as they practically ran out the room, scrambling to get away.


Damion’s appearance hadn’t changed since I’d last seen him, apart from the fact he’d gotten more tattoos but that was the only difference.

“Wasn’t that a hostile welcome?” Ty whispered to me, his voice still shaking, visibly showing his fear.

“What the hell do you two want?” Damion snapped, as he collapsed back onto his couch.


Normally, Damion would never dare talk to me like that. Maybe Ty was right, maybe he had changed. One minute he’s overprotective, the next he doesn’t want to look at us. What was his problem?

“We need to talk to you, Damion. Something’s happening to us.” Ty murmured, stepping forward.

“If you guys have developed super powers, leave me out of it. I’ve watched enough movies to see that I’ll die in the first few minutes.” Damion spat, taking a slug of his beer.


We stood in silence for a few minutes, not sure on what to say, or how to start explaining the whole issue.

“Well, spit it out. I haven’t got all day.” He trained his eyes back on his TV. “If you two can fly, then bugger off out of here.”


Ty sighed, before explaining everything. Damion eventually stopped watching the TV, and started to actually look like he was paying attention as the tale unfolded and gradually became more serious. When Ty finally finished, we gazed at Damion, expectantly, waiting for some sort of reaction. Slowly, he turned to stare back at us, saying one simple thing.

“What the hell do you want me to do about it?”


My hand shook at my side, desperately wanting to smack him across the face, slapping him so hard in the cheek he’d go flying across the room. He was being such an asshole!

“Nothing.” I shot back, speaking for the first time. “We just thought you might want to know that your life is in danger. You know, because we’re your brother and sister and want to make sure you’re safe! And we were going to ask if you wanted to help protect and warn our other siblings but you’ve made it pretty clear that you don’t give a shit! Come on Ty, let’s go.”


I stormed for the door, not wanting to spend another minute with that monster.

“I’m in deep shit all the time, I’m never safe.” He commented, not bothering to stand up and call me back.

I heard Ty begin to walk after me, trying to catch up as I charged for the door, my face bright red and my heart thumping out of control.


“Rose.” I heard Damion call out from behind me, but I didn’t stop. I just kept walking. “Oh come on, please don’t be like that, Rosie.”

Rosie was Damion’s old nickname for me, and hearing him say it again caused a flood of old, happy memories come back to me. I stopped, groaning internally that he’d gotten me again, and turning on my heels to face him.


“I’ll help, if you want. I can get you weapons in case someone approaches you, and I’m pretty sure I know a way we can get our hands on some money if it comes to that. How much do you need?” Damion asked, and I felt a smile slip on my face.

“We don’t even know if they want money, for sure. I think we should just wait and see what happens.” Ty broke out.


“What are we going to do then? Wait and see if one of us gets killed!?” Damion demanded, still trying to cool himself off. “Look, I’ve been involved in stuff like this before and it never ends well.”

“No, I want to go and warn Rebecca about them tomorrow. You can supply us with weapons until we find out what they want.” I suggested.Screenshot-319

“You do know, it’s illegal to have a weapon?” Damion smirked.

“Who the fuck cares?” I shot back, smirking myself.

“Since when were you such a badass.” He remarked, beginning to grin.

“Guys, this is serious. What about Kara and Mum? Are we going to tell them?” Ty butted in.


I had almost forgotten about Kara. I didn’t think we should tell her just yet, it would be too much worry for her since she was getting out soon. Plus, I didn’t want to go near her. As for my Mum, she would freak if she found out.

“No.” I decided. “We don’t want to worry Kara before she gets released, and if Mum is told she would have a heart attack. Just the thought of me being in the same room as you and Ty, would send her to an early grave.”


Suddenly, a man burst into the room, giving me the fright of my life. I span round to face him, as did Ty and Damion. He was red in the face, looking flustered, out of breath and sweating.

“Damion. Lockwood’s gangs here. They’re about to enter the building!” He panted, trying to catch his breath.


“Hold them off! Use guns if you have to.” Damion ordered.

The man nodded curtly, before racing out the room again and vanishing down the corridor. Damion started locking the door, twisting the original look, placing bolts across the door and basically barricading us off.


“What’s going on?” I asked, worried.

“Nothing you need to worry about Rose.” Damion replied, stepping back from the door and double checking if he’d forgotten one of his many locks.

A loud crashing from down below told me otherwise. Then, the loud sound of yelling and cursing rang out down the hallway. Nothing I need to worry about!? It sounded like a warzone down there.


I knew that there was a gang fight, but who were they fighting? Were they trying to get to Damion?

“Damion, why is there another gang attacking yours?” Ty asked, just as confused as me.

Damion groaned, taking Ty to the other side of the room, out of my earshot. Whispering in his ear, he sounded urgent and panicked. There was no way I was letting him away with this. He couldn’t tell Ty and not me! It wasn’t fair.

“Hey.” I protested. “You can’t tell Ty but not me.”

“Shhh Rose, the adults are talking.” Damion smirked, going back to explaining things to Ty.

I felt like I was five again, being hid away from anything that could harm me, forced to try and eavesdrop to learn what everyone else was talking about. Damion and Ty used to always play these games and I wasn’t allowed to join in because I was “too young”.

“Excuse me, last time I checked, I was nearly eighteen! I’m almost as old as you, I’m an adult too.” I argued.

Damion groaned, narrowing his eyes at me.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re really annoying?”


Now I was raging. He was treating me like I was a baby, and wasn’t letting me know what they were discussing. I slapped him, anger coursing through my veins.

“Ow!” He whimpered, sarcastically. I hadn’t hit him hard.

“Oh stop your whining. Just tell me what the hell is going on!” I ordered, putting my hand on my hip in a challenging position.

“Lockwood’s gang’s here because I fucked his girlfriend.” He admitted, laughing lightly under his breath like the whole thing was a big joke.

“You did what!?” I screamed, shocked that my brother would do such a disgusting thing. Mum and Dad had brought him up to respect girls, I guess all his life lessons turned to shit when he left us.

“Well, Rose, when two people love each other very much, they-“Damion began, a mischievous twinkle in his eye.


“I know how it works, Damion, and I know for a fact you didn’t love her.” I cut him off, before he could say something that would scar me for life. “Why the hell would you have sex with a rival gang leader’s girlfriend?!”

I couldn’t believe Damion had been so stupid, so selfish and so horny that he’d make such a terrible decision. How had he lasted this long as a leader (of one of the most feared gangs in the whole of Auberon, might I add), if he was constantly doing stupid things like that? Did he even own a brain!?


“I didn’t know she was his girlfriend at the time. Plus, I was drunk and she was a hot slut, who would pass up the opportunity?” Damion explained, smirking the whole time, probably remembering all the “fun” he’d had with her.


A loud bang at the door brought us out of our conversation, slowly turning round to face it, seeing it rattle on its hinges as it was pounded from the outside. Damion and Ty jumped between me and the door, blocking any intruders from coming near me.

“I know you’re in there, you bastard!” A voice roared from behind the door, hitting against it harder and harder making it shake and splinter.


“Shit!” Damion cursed, becoming slightly panicked. “That’s Joe Lockwood. You two get in the closet!”

Ty and I sprinted for the closet at the far side of the room, flinging the heavy doors open with all our might. It was filled with weapons, most lining the walls, held in place by cable ties, but others were sprawled on the floor, or hanging from the roof and some were even tied to the doors. Knives, guns, and all different types of things I’d never seen before.

We leaped in, knowing we didn’t have much time to hide, and swung the door closed after us. Ty caught his breath, trying to hold back the overwhelming fear that lay within him, trying to act hard to support me and impress Damion. I pushed the door open lightly, making a big enough crack that we could peer through and positioned myself so I could spy on what was going on.


The bangs on the door grew louder, barely holding up against the weight being flung against it, as someone was running at it.

One big bang.

One of the bolted locks popped off the wall, tumbling to the grimy stone floor.

Another crash.

One of the iron locks became displaced.


A shaking thud.

The handle on the door crumbled to pieces, scattering across the floor.

A boom louder than no other rang in my ears.

The door flew off its hinges and clattered to the ground, the noise echoing across the room to us, crouched in the closet.

Standing in the doorway was a man, who I assumed was Joe Lockwood, growling in at us, rage evident on his crazed features.

“You fucked my girlfriend.” He barked, flaring his nostrils and tensing his rippling muscles.

Hi, sorry again for not getting the chapter out on time, and sorry for splitting it in half. It was way too long, so I decided to half it, and the next part will be up very soon (hopefully).

And also, sorry for the lack of pictures, the dodgy photos, and the rough writing.

Hope you enjoy anyway, leave comments below on how it was!

What do you think’s going to happen next? How do you like Damion? 

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1.4 TEASER – (A Stab In The Dark)

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry for not getting the next chapter up on time but I’ve been really busy lately, and am trying to enjoy my summer outdoors (while the weather is actually nice for once) instead of being stuck behind my laptop in my stuffy room constantly.

Plus, I’ve been a little sick, last night I woke up at 4:30 and emptied my guts onto the floor 😦 I’m feeling better now, I just needed to get it out of my system, so I’m working on the next chapter and hopefully the first half of it will be up either tomorrow or the next day.

In the meantime, here’s two text teasers


The blonde one grabbed my arm, so tightly it hurt and shoved a loaded gun to my head. I heard the other one do the same thing to Ty, but was too scared to turn and look.

“If you two try anything, we won’t hesitate to blow your brains out.” Red threatened, pushing Ty forward.

I was terrified. I’d never been within metres of gun, and now one was being pointed at my head.

Blondie shouldered the door open, dragging me inside with him. The cold metal pressed against my temple, painfully reminding me that if I made a wrong move I was dead. Red and Ty followed after us, bringing us inside Damion’s apartment. This visit wasn’t going exactly to plan…

I spotted Damion sitting on his couch, a half empty beer in his hand, the TV switched to football. His eyes never left the screen, but from my muffled noises of fear and the sound of guns being pushed against our heads, he could easily tell what was happening. Smirking, he beckoned Red and Blondie over.

They pushed us forward slightly, guns still pressed to our heads.




At that moment, the red haired man stumbled into the room, blood spreading across the floor as he tumbled forward. Crashing to his knees in front of Damion, the full extent of his injuries showed through, blood splattering at my brother’s shoes, Zac heaving and desperately clutching at his wounded chest.

He stared into my brothers eyes, cold, alone and quickly draining of life. Zac opened his mouth, as if to talk, but his jaw fell open, and blood poured out, as he gurgled and choked. As trails of blood dribbled down his sweat smeared chin, I felt a gasp leave my mouth, and tears burn my eyes.

The guy in front of me was dying, chocking on his own blood, unable to breath properly after a stab to the lungs. How could anyone do something like this to a seemingly innocent person? Was there anything we could do to stop it?

“Shit!” Damion cursed, rushing over to his over to his fallen member. He looked to the other man for help, panicking. Glancing back at us, his eyes widened when they met mine, realising I was trying to hold back a sob. “Ty, take Rose into the other room.”

“But-“Ty began, cut off by Damion as his eyes pierced Ty’s skin.

“Just do it!” He snapped, “Do you really want her to see this!?”

Ty did what he was told, but I didn’t care, my eyes were stuck on the man on the ground, desperately clinging on to what life he had left, gasping his last breath of air as his pulse slowed down.

As he grabbed me from behind and dragged me out of the room, I was too tired to fight back, too tired to even speak. The only thing running through my mind, the only thought I could process was that I’d just seen a man being killed. Reality smashed into pieces, everything crashed down around me, the perfect lies I’d tried to construct around Damion’s life crumbled to dust.

I blinked, pressing my eyes closed, the scene burning into my mind, the helpless man squabbling on the floor, as people stared at him, not even trying to save his life. It was over, his entire life was over, and it really hit home. Even though I had no idea who that man was, even though I didn’t know his family or his friends, I felt a pang in my heart, an overwhelming guilt stab into my back and the worries in my head span out of control.

Opening my eyes, I was sitting on Damion’s bed, shaking badly, and hyperventilating. The tears that pooled under my eyelids were unleashed, pouring down my face like torrential rain.

What if that had been Damion? What if things had gone differently today and that had been Damion crumpled on the ground, blood pouring from his mouth?

I couldn’t get the image out of my head, no matter how hard I shook it, it kept replaying over and over, like a record stuck on repeat. It was hell, worse than any nightmare I’d ever experienced. I felt lucky, I’d survived attempted murder, I’d been given another chance to live my life, but Zac wasn’t so lucky…

Anxiously, Ty and I waited in silence, Ty in almost as bad a state as I was in, unable to comfort each other.

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Random Kara Photo

While awaiting the next chapter, since I’m unsure if I’ll get it out on time, enjoy a random picture of Kara, Rose’s twin sister. 

She won’t be in the next chapter, but she will be in future ones, and I’m using her for a competition, so… Enjoy! 

(It’s really simple, haha) 


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1.3 – Within the Prison Walls

Chapter 3 

Rose’s POV Screenshot-209

I walked into the visiting area, wrapping my arms around myself in an attempt to warm myself up. The cold, dirty feeling that radiated from the prison chilled me, completely wrecking me. I hated prisons, and this wasn’t helping at all.

Haden strolled by my side, one hand wrapped protectively round my shoulders, as if to ward off evil spirits but also to comfort me. I hated coming here. That much was clear.


I couldn’t help but think if Dad would cooperate, and could actually give me any information regarding the people who were stalking me and my siblings. If he did know, then would he tell me? Was this something he wanted to let me, the daughter who hated him, know? But most of all, did I even want to know?


I tried to calm myself down, taking deep, relaxing breaths. We crossed the room towards my Dad who I’d just spotted. He sat at one of the little tables, clad with his ugly, orange jumpsuit, which stood out vividly from his surroundings, creating a sharp contrast.


He smiled at the sight of me, but I snapped my head away, ignoring him. It was my usual response, looking at the wall and pretending that I wasn’t forced to come here. Haden nudged me, indicating with a nod of his head to look at my Dad. Realising that I wanted to get information out of him, it dawned on me that I had to be nice. This was going to be hard…


I tossed him one of my fake, sweet smiles that glowed like a ray of sunshine showing off my perfect teeth. You could easily tell it was put on, but I didn’t care much.


Swiftly, I dipped myself down onto one of the old chairs across from my Dad, cringing as it creaked beneath me. Haden took a seat beside me, gently squeezing my knee to let me know that he was there to support me, as always.

“Hey Dad.” I broke out, awkwardly, filling the dead silence that had covered us.


“Hello Rose. It seems you brought your boyfriend again.” My Dad teased, wriggling his eyebrows suggestively.

He made sure to comment on that every time Haden came to visit with me, which was almost all the time, so I’d gotten used to his annoying remarks.


“For the thousandth time, we are just friends!” I shouted, catching the attention of a guard, overlooking the session. I mumbled my apologies, avoiding the glare that he sent my way.

“Right.” He smirked, leaning back in his chair, spreading his legs out under the table. “Sure you are.”

I ignored him, directing my thoughts to how I was to bring up the stalkers. You can’t just pop that into a conversation, so I’d have to give it some thought. How would he react when I told him though? I chose to go with a blunt approach.


“Look, I came to see you for one reason only. I have something to tell you…” I trailed off, casting a lingering gaze at him, studying his stone cold face, showing no emotions.

“What’s up?” He asked, his voice telling me that he was growing angry, realising that I wanted something from him.

I never came just to chat with him, I didn’t even like him.


“I’m being stalked.” I exclaimed. “They’ve been following me, Ty, Damion and Rebecca and I have no idea why. It’s been going on for weeks, and I don’t know what to do. They chased me and Ty a few days ago, but Ty told me that it’s been happening for ages! He remembers seeing them at your trial, and I was just wondering if you knew who they were.”

I watched as my Fathers grin dropped, and the colour from his face drained away into a pale, chalky white, making him look as if he’d died and came back as a vampire. He looked ready to faint or vomit.


“Oh god.” He muttered, gulping. “This can’t be happening!”

“What?” I demanded, leaning forward on the table, trying to get him to talk.

“I thought it was over, it was meant to be over.” He rambled, as if he were a madman.


A wave of reassurance surged through me, glad that someone knew who they were and I could have some closure as to who was following me. But I felt both scared and worried, frightened by the way my Dad talked of them. It was as if he was scared of them… The man who tried to rob a bank, the man who shot two cops, was scared of a bunch of stalkers.

“Who are they?” I questioned, desperate to get answers.

Screenshot-222 “It’s a long story. A bad story.” He directed his eyes to me, wide and crazed, filled with pain.

“Well, we have time.” I shot back, gesturing my hands for him to continue.

“It’s hard to explain. Things are complicated. It’s all linked back to why I’m here in the first place, all linked to why I stole the money.” He replied, not able to look at me as he explained. “I used to work for this strange company. As you know, I was a biologist, fresh out of University and desperate for work. My wife was pregnant, for crying out loud, I was ready to do anything anyone asked.”

“Dad, will you please just cut to the chase?” I spat at him, my voice like ice, cutting at his heart, filled with venom.


“They hired me to conduct experiments. I had no idea what was happening though, they were way too secretive. They didn’t even tell me what I was working on! It was very confusing, but they were other people helping me, people who had been in the company their whole lives.” He explained, his expression growing distant as he faded into the past.

“So what happened?”


“As the experiment went on, they began to ask me to test some drugs on humans. I thought it was unsafe, they hadn’t been tested on anything else first and it seemed like no one knew what the effects could be.”


“You tested on humans?! Are you insane? Why would you ever do something like that?”

“Let me finish, I’m trying to tell the story, Rose… Anyway, I obviously refused. They didn’t like it, so I decided to resign. I didn’t want to work in a lab where they kept everything secret and worked with such dangerous, possibly illegal experiments. When I tried to leave, they didn’t like that either. They forced me into staying.”


“And how did they do that? They can’t force you into doing anything.”

“They threatened our family.” He choked out, tears clouding his vision. “So I had no choice but to do as they said. But they told me that it was too risky to send me back to the labs, instead they gave me strict instructions on how to generate more cash and funding for their projects and experiments.”


“They wanted you to rob the bank?” I gasped out, my eyes widening as it all came crashing down.

He nodded, desperately blinking back tears.


“So I did as they said. And I failed.” He finished, not being able to resist the tears anymore. They came cascading from his eyes, rushing down his face like rivers of salty water before dropping onto his clothes, turning the bright orange dark.


I felt a pang of guilt in my chest, trying to stop myself from crying as well. I treated him like shit my whole life and almost never came to visit him, when he had done so much for me and I hadn’t even known it.


“Then why are they after your family?” Haden spoke up, for the first time since we’d arrived.


“I really don’t know. The only thing I can think of is that I failed to give them the money they wanted and they want revenge. They must have paid a lot of money to cover things up, and hide the fact that they were involved with such a crime. Now they’re after you and your siblings. You have to warn them, tell them what’s happening.”

“What do they want?” I asked, my voice cracking and filling with emotion.


“My guess is money. Just find a way to get them what they want, hand it over and then avoid them at all costs.”

How was I meant to do that!? First of all, half of my siblings didn’t even want to talk to me. Secondly, I have no idea where to get my hands on ANY money whatsoever. I was utterly screwed.


“How am I meant to do that?” I demanded, looking frantically between Haden and my Dad.

“I have no idea.” My Dad sighed. “Ask Damion, I’m sure he’ll know where to start.”


The shrill bell rang out into the almost empty room, signalling that visiting hours were over. Quickly, I waved goodbye, got out my seat and left the prison.


Getting into Haden’s car, no one spoke, a heavy silence hanging in the air. My thoughts were firmly fixed on what my Dad had just told me. I wondered if Damion could actually help me, and if he would. Damion and I had always been close, but then he’d left and it was like he didn’t even know I existed anymore. I’d tried to text him or call him, but I never got a reply.


“Rose, are you okay?” Haden asked, in an attempt to comfort me. “If you’re worried about the stalkers, I wouldn’t let them anywhere near you, much less hurt you. I’m not letting anything happen to you.”

“No. Haden, this isn’t your fight. The last thing I need is you getting hurt.” I replied. Silence remained for a few more seconds, before I spoke up again. “We need to tell Ty.”


Haden nodded, beginning to start up the engine. I retrieved the piece of paper that had Ty’s address written on it and read it off to Haden. He took off down the road, driving with his expert eye.

After a few short moments, we arrived outside Ty’s apartment building, looking rundown and disgusting. It was in the bad part of town, and I suddenly felt scared for him.


Getting out of the car, me and Haden climbed the steps that led up to his apartment, climbing and climbing before we eventually arrived on the second floor.

Standing outside his door, my heart sped up, panic rearing its ugly head.


Haden sighed, rubbing my arm, and knocking on the door in front of us.


“Rose?” He answered, appearing out of nowhere, flinging his door open. For a second he was confused, but then his face changed. “Has something happened!? Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” I cut off his panicked yelps, putting my hand up and warning him to stop. “I just dropped by to tell you something.”


“What?” He demanded, relaxing slightly but still on guard.


“I went by the prison today to ask Dad some questions.” I explained, rocking back and forth on my heels. “I wanted to know if he knew about anything that was happening to us.”

“When did this happen?” He yelled, catching me off guard. He was red in the face, his eyes bulging from his sockets and his nose scrunched up as he prepared himself for a fit of rage. “I thought I told you not to get involved!”


I knew he’d be annoyed that I hadn’t listened to him, or taken his advice to stay away, but I didn’t regret my decision at all. If I hadn’t gone to see my Dad, I wouldn’t have gotten the answers I desperately needed. If I’d done as he told me, we would still be completely oblivious to who they were and what they wanted. They were much more dangerous than we’d first expected.


“I’m sorry but this was important. I had to try and find out what was tearing our life’s apart, who was hunting us, what the hell was going on. Dad knows more things than we could ever imagine, and if you recognised that man from his trial, I knew he was bound to know something.” I defended myself, trying to reason with him.


“You should have just left it to me! I was going to organise a visit eventually, you just need to give it some time. Do you never have any patience, Rose?!” He snapped back, glaring at me from behind his lashes.

“We didn’t have any time, Ty. If I’d waited for you to get off your lazy ass, we would have been caught by them. And we would have no idea what they wanted from us! We are in danger, Ty, wake up before it’s too late.” I yelled.


“Wait a second, did he tell you something?”

“For a matter of fact, yes, he gave me some very useful information that could save our lives!”


Still angry, he invited me and Haden inside, fuming from my earlier outburst and worried for me getting too involved with this mess.

I explained everything, repeating exactly what Dad had told me an hour before. The more I explained, the less angry Ty became as worry clouded his expressions.


“Oh god.” He muttered, shaking his head and taking gulps of air. “We need to warn Damion and Rebecca, as soon as possible.”

“I agree, they’re in just as much danger as us, they need to be made aware of what is going on, even if they haven’t figured out they’re being stalked yet.” I agreed.

“I’ll tell Damion tomorrow then.” Ty decided, chewing his lip until it was cracked and bleeding.


“I’ll come with you,” I smiled, excited to see my brother for the first time in months. It was going to be like a good ol’ family reunion.


“Rose,” He sighed, gazing at me in sympathy. “Damion might not be the same as he used to be, he’s a changed man. Neither of us have seen or talked to him in ages, and we don’t know how he’ll react when we see him.”

“There is no way you’re not letting me see my brother!” I protested.


I was not going to let this opportunity slip past me, Damion was my brother and I needed to know that he was safe. I didn’t really mind if he’d changed, he would always still be my brother. It’s not like he’d changed so much that he was willing to hurt me, right?

“W-why can’t you…” He started, groaning in frustration.

“He’s my brother too, I deserve to see him!”


“Why can’t you just listen to me for once, Rose!?” He roared, his empty apartment shaking from his shouts, the strained words bouncing off the walls and threatening to burst my eardrums.

I’d pushed him to his breaking point, he never yelled at me like that, even when we had arguments. He’d yell, sure, but this was more like a furious, uncontrolled, wild scream.


I sat in a daze, the silence hurting my ears. Haden squeezed my knee, letting me know that he was there for me. I glanced up at him and he shot me a look as if to say “you want me to beat some sense into him?”. I shook my head, rubbing my hands together, unsure of what to say.


“I’m sorry, Rose.” He sighed, rubbing his face. “I just… I don’t want to see you get hurt. You haven’t seen what he’s like, the people he hangs around with. I saw him last year and I got a dreadful surprise, he’s not what he used to be.”


“Damion would never hurt me, Damion wouldn’t hurt any of us. He’s still our brother.” I spat, annoyed that he would think such a thing.

It was impossible for me to envision a world where Damion would lay a finger on me, he’d always been so nice towards me. He was the one who always stuck up for me and listened to me for hours on end as I moaned and ranted about my day.

“Fine.” Ty gave up, crossing his arms across his chest and letting out a huff. “You can come. But you can’t bring Haden.”


“What?” Haden burst out, almost jumping off the ratty couch to confront him. “Why not?”

“I don’t think Damion will trust us if he’s there. No offence Haden.” Ty explained, sending him an apologetic look.


Haden groaned. I’d always felt safer with Haden by my side to protect me, and I always felt better with him around but sometimes you need to make sacrifices. I could see where Ty was coming from, Damion was more likely to trust us if Haden wasn’t there, he’d always trusted our family more than anyone else he knew.


“If that’s what it takes, then sure. I’ll go without Haden, but I’m still telling him all the details when we get back.” I agreed, examining Haden’s reaction.He didn’t seem too happy, more worried than angry though, but I could tell he knew that Ty would look out for me if anything went wrong.


We said our goodbyes, before departing from his “homely” room. Haden and I descended the creaky stairs, ignoring the smell of piss that emitted from the walls and the sound of music thumping from above.


Getting into Haden’s car, I couldn’t contain my excitement of seeing Damion again tomorrow. Yet at the same time, I was slightly worried.

What if Ty was right? What if Damion was dangerous? I tried not to think about it, focusing on the positives.


“So, what do you want to do?” Haden asked, cruising down the road leading to our area.

“We could go back to my house and watch movies or something?” I suggested, wanting to do something normal for once, considering my life in the past few days had turned into one of the action movies I used to adore.

I needed something that would take my mind off things, and forget about my strange life.

“Movies it is!” He grinned, as we approached my house.


Once we arrived, we headed straight for my kitchen, allocating ourselves our usual jobs. I raided my cupboards, searching for snacks while Haden was in charge of making the popcorn.


After finding a mega sized bag of crisps, a wide selection of chocolate and sweets, and litre bottles of Fanta and Coca Cola, I headed into the living room. I slumped onto the floor, searching around for my remote, before finding it on the floor at the other side of the room. I started up Netflix straight away, searching through it for an uplifting comedy that we could watch to brighten up our dark moods.


I eventually landed on Haden and I’s favourite movie, 21 Jump Street. We’d watched it thousands of times, and were super excited for the sequel coming out soon. I selected it, setting up our little fort of cushions, covers and blankets as I waited for it to load. Haden appeared with the popcorn, snuggling down next to me on the sofa.


“What are we watching?” He asked, throwing a handful of popcorn into his mouth, chomping on it with great delight.

“21 Jump Street.” I replied, opening my mouth as wide as possible.

He knew what that meant and chuckled, throwing popcorn at me. Some of it made it to my mouth, but most got lost in my hair or the sofa, as we laughed.

The movie started, just as the sun began to set outside the window, plunging the living room into darkness and completing the cinema effect.


As the movie wore on, I snuggled into Haden, laying my head on his toned chest, and throwing one arm over, hugging him limply. He wrapped his arms around me, eyes still glued to the movie as I slowly drifted off to sleep in his arms.

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1.2 – Let’s Go To The Beach

Chapter 2

Rose’s POV


A thirst for air burst through my body, jolting me awake.

Blind darkness met me, my eyes refused to open. A fresh wave of panic surged through me, a morbid sense of fear finding its place at the base of my gut. My heart pounded, as I struggled about, trying to move and be free from the darkness that pinned me to my uncomfortable bed, that held me hostage.


Pain tore down my side, realisation dawning on me that I was stuck, as if I was paralysed, unable to move. An immense weight piled on top of me, pushing down on my poor, innocent body, trying to twist and turn and get away.

I felt like rocks began to pile at the bottom of lungs, filling them up with dirt and sand, drying my throat and my mouth. I wanted to retch, to let vomit flow but I couldn’t. It felt physically impossible.


Squirming around, I struck the air around me with my fists, trying to call for help but only letting out muffled noises, the only thought in my head was to hit whatever was on top of me and knock it to the ground.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. The uncontrollable warmth, the crushing weight and sounds of cries and strained breathing that formed above me brought a strange sense of fear and shame.


Someone was trying to murder me. Someone was trying to kill me in my sleep. Someone was smothering me. And there was nothing I could do about it…

It felt like hours had passed, when in reality it had probably been but a few minutes, my energy had sapped out of me, my limbs feeling like lead, my entire body stiffening.


Where my heart had once bet against my rib cage peacefully, it was replaced by a burning feeling, and the sound of erratic thumping as if someone was stuck inside and trying to rip their way out. My lungs ached like someone had punched them repeatedly, and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. They would collapse in on themselves, completely stopping me from breathing, ending my life.

This was the ultimate end. This was my life, over before it had hardly began.

A picture of my family standing by a gravestone splashed into my brain, crumpled over each other, crying their eyes out as they stared at a coffin being lowered into the ground. My coffin. I didn’t want them to grieve and mourn, they didn’t deserve that. My Mum was already facing such a hard time, my Dad being in prison and all.


They needed me. It couldn’t end like this.

My Mum needed me, she couldn’t lose any more of her family, and she couldn’t let anything else slip away. My sister needed me too, she had been distancing herself from us all, the depression settling in. She was all cried out by now, she seemed like an emotionless robot, void of feeling anything. She had blocked herself off from the world, built walls around her and wouldn’t let anyone break them down. She wouldn’t even let me help her, her own twin sister.

A new sense of determination washed the bad thoughts away, and I forced myself to stop flailing around and struggling.

Make your body go limp, I told myself. Relax all your muscles, stop moving and let the darkness come.

Soon enough, darkness threatened the edges of my vision and I had to fight hard to keep it from flooding in and knocking me out. My body went limp, and the weight above me eased off almost instantly, the person that had been trying to kill me loosening the grip on the pillow.


With all the might, energy and determination I could summon up, I kicked out, and for the first time, my foot connected wih a body. I heard a piercing, familiar scream and the body above me toppled off the bed, landing in a heap on the floor.


I ripped the pillow off my head, and flipped out from underneath, shimmying out of the covers that piled on top of me.

I stumbled backwards, crashing into the wall, gasping for air and clutching desperately at my throat.

Panting, I finally focused on my attempted murderer. My jaw almost hit the floor, as my eyes widened.


“What the fuck, Kara!?” I screamed, tears dribbling from my eyes, still trying to catch my breath.

I felt uneasy and sick, my heart still burning and beating at a hundred miles per hour, my mouth like sandpaper. I wanted to throw up, but I composed myself and kept my distance from Kara who was already on her feet. I ignored the stiffness of my body, the tired feeling that raced through my veins and the thumping in my head. I was ready to pass out, already beginning to get dizzy.


“What the hell have you done?” I demanded. “What were you thinking? Why were you trying to kill me!?”


She glared at me from below her fringe, the whites of her eyes showing, giving me shivers. Her face twisted into a look of distress and anger, and a strained smile spread across her as she clenched her teeth together.

“You deserved it.” She muttered, charging for me.


I screamed, scared for my life and completely shocked. Why was she trying to kill me!? What had I done? Last time I checked, we were the best of friends.


She reached me, her hands outstretched, reaching for my throat, a devious glint in her eye. My fist smashed into her jaw, without me even thinking of what to do. She yelped, falling to the ground and groaning in agony. She tried to reach for my foot and pull me down with her, but I drew it back and slammed it into her stomach, over and over until she was screaming and crying.

I leapt back, launching myself towards my bed, scared shitless.


“Mum!” I yelled, tears streaming down my face, sobs wracking my body. “Help!”

My sister, Kara, got to her feet, using my dresser as leverage. She clutched her stomach, grunting in pain as her eyes flicked towards me. I shook my head, begging her silently to stop and give up, telling her mentally that I was sorry for whatever I had done.

But she didn’t listen.


She picked up a vase from my dresser, and flung it towards me. I jumped over my bed, and landed my feet on the solid floor, on the opposite side, just as the vase struck the ground right where I used to stand. It smashed, sending thousands of little pieces of glass scattering across my room.


She ran, reaching me before I could even react and get to the door. Instead, I was backed up against my bedside table, with nothing to defend myself with. Kara stood in front me, examining me and shaking her head.


“It’s funny how you’re backed into a corner now, Rose. That’s what I’ve felt like for months, and you didn’t even care. All you did was taunt me and make me feel like shit. You deserve everything that’s coming for you.” She yelled, spitting in my face.


“Please,” I began, but was cut off as she tore at my neck, her grip tightening around it.

I chocked, my hands scooping up the alarm clock from the little table that dug into my legs, and threw it at her chest. It hit its target, but she didn’t even flinch, the crazed look in her eye never vanished, and it had no effect on her whatsoever.


Pushing me round, she slammed me against the wall tightening her grip on my neck. My ears rang, and my eye sight became blurry but through it all I managed to spot my Mum at the door, her hands covering her mouth and tears pricking her eyes. She was frozen, not even moving to save me.

I brought my knee up and drove it hard into Kara’s stomach, gasping when she let go and stumbled backwards.


“Mum. Help me.” I breathed out, wheezing badly.


“What on earth is going on in here!?” She called out, looking between the two of us.


“She tried to kill me Mum!” I panted, pointing my finger at Kara, who was standing near the door, pulling out her hair and sobbing uncontrollably. “She tried to smother me in my sleep! And she didn’t give up.”


As the last words left my mouth, Kara was onto me again, screaming and crying, shoving me up against the wall. She grabbed at my shoulders and slammed me backwards into the wall, as hard as she possibly could. I felt it shake as I crashed into it, and my head ached with the force it had hit against the plaster.


Mum pounced on Kara, grabbing her waist and trying to tear her off me. But Kara was strong, and pushed her heel back into Mum’s shin, making her whine in pain.

Again, Kara slammed my head against the wall, and it felt like it was shattering into a billion pieces. Over and over, it made contact with the wallpaper, blood beginning to seep from my head, my vision going blurry from a mix of tears, pain and dizziness.


I could distantly hear my Mum screaming for her to stop, and yelling down the phone at the police, but I wasn’t there anymore. I wasn’t in my body. I was an outsider, watching in, as my body was beaten and bruised, until blood began to splatter my clothes.



My eyes sprung open and I sat up in my bed so fast I could have gotten whiplash. My hands were tightly wound around my covers, my knuckles white and a layer of sweat clung to my body and clothes, making me feel dirty and disgusting.

I calmed down my breathing, repeating over and over that it was just a dream. Eventually, I leaned over to my glass of water at my bedside table and took a gulp, letting the chilling water trickle down my throat and fill me with refreshing energy.


The same table that held my alarm clock, the same table I’d been shoved into and strangled over, many months ago. I checked the time, to see that it was 5:30, and I’d gotten less than 4 hours sleep. Sighing, I turned my phone on and went straight for Haden’s number.


“Hello.” I heard a disgruntled, sleepy voice mumble from the other end of the phone, muffled as they moved around, trying to sit up.

“Hey. It’s me, Rose.” I muttered, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. “I just woke up.”


“What!?” He demanded, with a playful undertone.

“I said, I just woke up.” I repeated, getting out of bed and heading to my wardrobe.

“No, I get that bit.” He chuckled. “I don’t understand why you called me and woke me up so early.”


“Quit your moaning.” I laughed, picking out my usual outfit for the day. “I call you every morning.”

“You only call me when you want food… So, let me guess, you want me to cook you breakfast?” He asked.


“You nailed it!” I exclaimed, heading for the bathroom. My Mums door was still closed, all the lights in the house off, so I tried to stay quiet and not wake her.

“I’ll be over soon. Just give me some time to get changed and have a quick shower.” He laughed, the sound of him moving around prominent through the phone.


“Thanks! Love you.” I giggled, shutting the door behind me and laying out towels for when I got out the shower. “I’ll see you soon.”


Hanging up, I turned the faucet and boiling hot water pounded down from above, like the heavens had opened up. I stripped off, jumping in and letting the scolding water wash the sleep away. I needed to put on a strong front. Smile, laugh, joke and talk. No one can tell what you really feel if you cover it with a fake smile, or hysterical laugh.


By the time I was ready, Haden had already let himself in with his spare key and was at work in the kitchen, pottering about with pans and plates. I shook my head, grinning. He better not have made a mess.


I ran behind him and flung my hands round his eyes, almost making him drop the bowl of pancake mix he held in his hands.

“Guess who?” I cooed, trying to hold back my laughter.


“Stop it!” He moaned, pushing me away. “Go sit down, I don’t like you bothering me when I’m in the kitchen.”


“Fine, Chef Woods.” I grumbled, taking a seat at the table.


After a few minutes, Haden sat down next to me, placing a plate stacked full of warm, honey coloured pancakes in front of me, already drizzled in maple syrup. He also had a plate, filled with just as many and the way he eyed them made him look like a demented wild animal.

“I need extra map-“I was cut off with Haden slamming the bottle down on the table, a grin on his face.

“Got you covered, Rose.”


I couldn’t help but laugh. The next few minutes were full of peaceful silence, both of us too busy stuffing our faces to talk. Somewhere in the back of my head, the daunting events of yesterday loomed over me, demanding that I tell Haden, but I knew I had to wait. I had hours before I had to meet with Ty, and until then I didn’t want to sit around waiting anxiously for the news.


“So, what were you up to yesterday?” Haden asked, through a mouthful of food.

“Nothing. Why?” I replied, stealing a pancake from his plate because I’d already finished all mine, and was still as hungry as ever.


“Well, we had plans and you were gone for hours.” He shook his head at me, moaning that I’d taken his last pancake.

“I’m sorry. Something happened, and I got caught up with it. I lost track of time…” I muttered, looking out the window.


“What happened?” He questioned, gazing at me.


Before I could open my mouth and answer his question, I spotted something unusual in the corner of my eye. Just outside the window, on the road, a sleek black car was trundling by, silently inching past my window.

“Shit!” I cursed, recognising it from the other day. “Get down!”


I jumped off my chair, knocking it backwards, crashing to the floor, as I launched myself under the table, sending my empty plate flying, as I bumped my head. I heard Haden laughing at me, quivering under the table. Panicking, I began to hyperventilate, shaking uncontrollably.


“What the hell are you doing?” Haden tried to keep his face straight, ducking his head under the table to watch me. The look on his face was of pure innocence and confusion.

“Just get down, right now.” I spat out, trying to stop myself from chocking, and stop the tears that I desperately blinked back.


Haden sensed my fear and decided to do as I said, pushing his chair back, slowly lowering himself under the table, and banging his head in the process, just like I had.

“What is going on, Rose?”

“You just have to trust me.”


“This is so weird. Are you hiding from someone? Is it someone from school?”

“No, you idiot! This is serious, I’m not joking.”


A drab silence filled out the air, before I realised I’d have to check if the car had parked or kept going. We couldn’t stay under the table forever, so I shuffled over, on my backside, towards the window.


Peeking out, I noticed the car hadn’t stopped and had almost completely passed by my house. Sighing in relief, I collapsed backwards into the wall, closing my eyes and calming my entire body down, relaxing my tensed muscles.


Haden slid down the wall next to me, his eyes staring intensely into mine, to check if I was lying.

“Rose, you need to explain, right now, what is going on?” He asked, casting me a worried look.


“It’s hard to explain.” I began, not knowing where to start. How do you explain something so complicated that you don’t understand, and know, close to nothing, about? It’s like trying to fit together a puzzle with only half the pieces.

“I have time.” He smirked, lying his head back on the wall, and cocking his ear to the side.



“So, you’re saying that your family are being stalked?” Haden finally broke the hush that clung to the air, since we’d both been immersed in silence after I’d finished talking. I guessed he was still trying to get his head round it all and let it sink in.

“Precisely.” I nodded my head.


“And how long has this being going on for!?” He demanded, his voice growing scarily angry, chilling my bones, causing shivers to spark up and down my spine like an electric current. My whole body burned, a tingling sensation spreading across my head.


“I only found out yesterday, like I told you.” I bit my lip, waiting for his reaction.


“Why didn’t you phone me when you got home?” His jaw tensed, as he gritted his teeth together, the muscles in his arms tightening while he tensed, anger coursing through his veins.

“Look, I’m sorry, but I just wanted to sleep.”


“Don’t give me any of that shit, I know you would have been up all night worrying. You could have called me, I was worrying about you all night, and you never miss our plans.” His voice rose in volume, causing me to grimace.

“Why are you getting so angry?” My eyes widened, and I backed away slightly.


“Because Rose! You could have gone and gotten yourself killed. You are in danger, and you never thought to tell me. When were you finally going to let me know that you were being stalked? Did the stalkers really have to come to your own house to get you to tell me? Is that how it is!?” He jumped to his feet, and began pacing the kitchen.

“Stop!” I cried out.


The sound of crunching exploded from my side, my eyes snapping to the blood curdling sound. Haden’s fist was slamming into the wall, his face twisted into a look of sheer anger and worry, but underneath I could make out that he felt hurt and betrayed.


I felt tears dribble down my face, but it was too late to stop them and for once I didn’t care. His face was red, his knuckles bruised and bleeding, the wall dented and marked and the frenzied look in his eye brought more tears to my own. What had he reduced me to?

“I was going to tell you!” I sobbed.


“We are supposed to be best friends. You are meant to tell me everything, to trust me. I do the same to you! It’s how we work… It’s how we’ve always worked.” He yelled. “You never even told me on the phone this morning, or when we were eating breakfast. How long would it have taken!?”


“I was going too. I promise. Just please, stop being like this. Why are you being like this!?” My voice cracked, muffled by my crying.


“Because I care about you, Rose. And I’m worried about what’s going to happen. I don’t like this, I don’t like it at all. You can’t do it all by yourself, you need someone to look after you. So please, don’t keep anything from me.” He calmed down a little, directing his pained eyes to face me.

I smiled thinly, nodding my head slightly.


He took a deep breath, slumping back down beside me. Offering his arms, he smiled lazily back at me. We hugged, holding onto each other tightly, like we needed each other to survive, to protect each other and help us thrive.


“What have you done to my daughter?” My Mums voice rose from the door, her mouth hanging open, her eyes wide and filled with terror.

“What…?” Haden mumbled, looking down at his hands. They were covered in slick blood, leaking onto my shirt and a little was smudged on my face, mixed in with tears.


“Get out, Haden! How dare you do such a thing in my household? I never thought of you abusing my little girl. How could you?!” She screamed, racing towards him.


“No!” I screamed, jumping between them before she could slap him silly. “It’s not what it looks like.”

“Then what did happen? It looks like he punched you to me.” My Mum roared, trying to get at him, swinging her arms angrily.

I indicated the wall at my side, and she calmed almost instantly, seeing the dent where his knuckles had made contact with it. She sighed, rubbing her temples, and trying to calm down.


“Why were you punching my wall Haden?” My Mum shot him a deadly look, walking over to the wall and examining it. “I heard yelling, it’s not normal when you two argue. Is something up?”

“I’m so sorry, I really never meant to. I just got carried away.” He tried to reason, nervously itching the back of his neck, an annoying habit he’d developed when he was younger.

“Carried away?” She echoed, touching the wall, her eyes wide and filled with frustration. “You can say that again. You can really pack a punch…”


“Mum, we just had a disagreement. Everything’s sorted out.” I groaned, aggravated that she was getting up in my business, as usual. She can be so overprotective at times.

“A small disagreement, doesn’t mean he has permission to knock down my walls or punch holes in them. He isn’t the Hulk, Rose. I love you like a son, Haden, but this is crazy.” She turned to face us, looking stressed.


“We’re sorry.” We both mumbled at the same time, casting our heads down, worried that we’d get yelled at.


“Just… Sort it out!” She yelled, marching out the room. “I’m going upstairs to get ready, tidy that mess up and no more fighting!”

“Fine.” I groaned, watching her leave.


“I’m sorry.” Haden sighed, picking up a fallen chair and sitting in it. “I never meant to get so mad.”


“Mad? You went crazy.” I laughed, going over to the sink.

“It hurt. A lot.” He gently touched his knuckles, groaning in agony as they bled.


I turned the tap, letting freezing cold water flow out, and wetted a cloth, preparing myself to help Haden. I wrapped some ice in it, sitting down beside him and gently applying it to his wound. He winced, pressing his eyes shut.


“You’re my best friend Rose, no one could ever replace you.” He mumbled into my hair as I tended to his battle wounds.



I sat in Haden’s car, anxiously, waiting in complete silence. My head pounded, full of worry. Sitting on the edge of my seat, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander. What was going to happen? What was Ty going to tell me in just a few short moments?


Haden’s glossy green eyes were full of fear and anticipation, his every breath and move made me even more nervous than I already was. I gazed out the window in an attempt to calm myself down, watching the gentle waves lap up against the sand. But thoughts still plagued my mind, causing me to freak out.


What would Ty think about me bringing Haden along? The last thing I wanted was for either of them to feel hurt.


I spotted Ty approaching us, sprinting down the road towards our parked car. Haden sighed, still annoyed about having such limited information on such a dangerous subject, and unbuckled his seat belt.


“Let’s go.” He muttered, opening his door and jumping out. I followed, heading further into the cove, strolling down to the waves. I relaxed as soon as my feet touched the soft, hot sand, crunching in between my toes.


Ty bounded over, his face red, puffing and huffing, trying to catch his breath. I seen the true extent of this whole incident on him again, looking like he hadn’t slept in months. He looked worse than what he had yesterday. Constantly scanning his surroundings, he stopped in front of us, stabilizing his heart rate.


“Hey, Ty.” I smiled, trying to pretend that things weren’t taking a toll on him and that we weren’t in such a tricky situation.

Ty looked up to me, his eyes narrowing when they met Haden.

“Rose, please don’t tell me you told him?” Ty grumbled, looking defeated.


I should have known that Ty wouldn’t like me bringing Haden along, but I didn’t have much choice. He wouldn’t leave my side, he insisted to go with me to support me and is trying his hardest to protect me. I just hoped Ty would still trust me enough to explain everything.


“I did…” I mumbled. “But I had to! Those people drove right past the house, so I had to hide under the table and Haden was there with me. He asked me what was going on and I had to tell him, I tell him everything.”

Ty’s face went pale, obviously forgetting about being annoyed at me for telling Haden.


“Did they see you? Do they know where you live?” He asked, frantically. “I knew I shouldn’t have talked to you yesterday!”

“Ty, calm down. They didn’t see me! At least, I don’t think they did.”


What if they had seen me, and Haden? What if I had brought him into all of this? What if I’d put him in danger too? I calmed myself down, assuring myself that they hadn’t seen me, and if they did, they would have done something by now, right?


“Anyway, I think it’s time you tell me what’s going on.”

Ty frowned, chewing his lip nervously.


“At first, I barely noticed them, I would sometimes see them while working or on the way home. Then they started following me all the way to my friend’s house, and that’s when I noticed something was going on. I started to get paranoid, they were everywhere, round every corner, peering through every shop window while I was shopping, never leaving me alone. They were hidden well, but I was very perceptive. I only left the apartment when I needed too, like going to work or going to the supermarket.” He paused and looked around. “So, I eventually called the police and told them that I was being stalked. The next day, someone called me and told me that the police couldn’t help me. And about another week after that, when I was walking home from work, they chased me and have been running after me ever since. I felt like I was being hunted. Then I seen them watching you.”


“How?” Haden asked, eyeing my brother.

“On your way home from school, you walk past my apartment. One day you and Haden were walking and they were following you. So I decided to check up on Damion and Rebecca, and the same was happening to them.” He took another quick look around. “Someone is following us all, Rose, and they seem familiar. It’s like I’ve seen them somewhere before…”


“Where?” I asked, worry travelling through my body.


“I’ve been thinking about it, a lot. I think I might recognise one of them from Dad’s court trial.”

I didn’t know what to say, I was at loss for words. Knowing that people had been watching me for weeks now, and I hadn’t even known it, made shivers go down my spine. If everything Ty was saying was true, then that would mean my whole family was in danger.


“Rose, are you okay?” I heard Haden ask, worry lacing his words, as he rubbed my back.

“I’m fine.” I muttered. “Ty, why are they chasing us?”


“I wish I knew, Rose.” Ty replied. “Look, if you’re ever worried about anything and Haden isn’t there to hold your hand, here’s my number and address.”

He took a piece of paper out of his pocket, unrumpled it and began writing down his details from a pen that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Handing it to me, he pushed me a tight smile, trying to convince me that he was fine.


“Thanks.” I pocketed it, shooting him a disapproving look. “Maybe we should try and figure out who they are and what they want.”

My suggestion was crushed as soon as it left my mouth.


“There is no way I’m going to let you do that! These people are dangerous, Rose. It’s best if you just don’t get any more involved than you already are. Promise me that you are not going to get involved.” Ty ordered, glaring at me.

I groaned. Why was Ty being so protective? I’m seventeen, I can take care of myself. He was being as bad as Mum.


“Fine, but you have to tell me if it gets worse. You need to update me all the time.” I reasoned.

“Sure, I will.”

Ty and I quickly said our goodbyes, before Haden and I returned to our original position in the car. I sat in the passenger seat, next to Haden who wasn’t starting the car.


“You’re going to get involved, aren’t you?” Haden asked. He knew me too well, of course I was going to get involved. After all, I was being stalked as well.

“Yes, but I’m only going to find out who they are and what they want.”

“And there’s nothing I can do to stop you, is there?”

“Not really.”


Haden sighed. I knew that he didn’t want me to get involved either, he completely agreed with my brother, but he also knew there was nothing he could do to stop me. He knew what I was like.

“Well if there’s nothing I can do stop you, I should help you. How are you going to find out all this information?”


“There is only one person I can think of, who I know can give us some idea about who those people are. We need to go see my Dad…”



The blonde assistant fidgeted with her thumbs, wiping her skirt free of the imaginary dust that gathered on it, frantically glancing about, quivering under the cold stare of her boss as he calculated her stance, looking her up and down.

“Thanks for seeing me again, sir.” She spoke, her voice faltering.

“I was the one that called upon you, Ms Cinder, no need to thank me.” He declared, narrowing his eyes slightly as they travelled across her face.

“Well…” She took a deep calming breath, trying to calm herself down. “What do I owe the pleasure of meeting you once more, sir?”


“It’s not a pleasure at all, Cinder, I have business to discuss.” He snapped, spinning on his heels and taking a seat on his leather throne.

“Oh.” She muttered, glad to be freed from his agonizing stare. It was like he was tearing layer after layer away from her skin, like a vulture, getting under her protection and seeing what was going on in her head. “What business?”


“Don’t play dumb with me, I’m not stupid. You know what I’m talking about.” He barked, crossing his legs and directing his hardened gaze at the screens in front of him. “When I asked you to collect the children, I never expected it to take so long and I sure as hell didn’t expect you to make yourself quite so known. The little swine’s know they’re being followed, you aren’t being secretive at all!”

“I didn’t want to be quiet. It’s all part of the plan, sir. We have it all planned out, and it’s pure genius.” Ms Cinder tried to explain, ignoring the lump that began to form at the back of her throat.

“You better. If these foolish children outsmart us, then it’s your head that will be on the line. Literally.” He spat, the anger rolling off of him in waves.


“I do, and I understand, sir.” She gulped. “Have you ever heard the phrase, “patience is a virtue”?”

“I don’t need patience. I’m the Employer. I have power and force, and I am not afraid to use it against anyone who gets in my way.” He snarled, flicking his wrist in the direction of the door, indicating for his assistant to leave.

She didn’t have to be told twice.

Expected Update Day = July 15th 

I may not get an update up on time, but I’ll work on it. I’ll be on holiday when this post is actually posted so I might not have the next chapter completely ready in time. I’m going to be away from Monday 7th July to Sunday 13th (possibly even longer). I may have access to internet, so I’ll be replying to comments but that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, looking forward to hearing from you all. 


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1.2 TEASER (Let’s Go To The Beach)


“What have you done to my daughter?” My Mums voice rose from the door, her mouth hanging open, her eyes wide and filled with terror.

“What…?” Haden mumbled, looking down at his hands. They were covered in slick blood, leaking onto my shirt and a little was smudged on my face, mixed in with tears.

“Get out, Haden! How dare you do such a thing in my household? I never thought of you abusing my little girl. How could you?!” She screamed, racing towards him.






“I do, and I understand, sir.” She gulped. “Have you ever heard the phrase, “patience is a virtue”?”

“I don’t need patience. I’m the Employer. I have power and force, and I am not afraid to use it against anyone who gets in my way.” He snarled, flicking his wrist in the direction of the door, indicating for his assistant to leave.

She didn’t have to be told twice.

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1.1 – Hours of Darkness

Chapter 1
Rose’s POV


I walked down the streets of Auberon, alone as usual, kicking stray wrappers and empty cans out of my way as I let my thoughts go wild, ignoring the nippy breeze, the sound of traffic and the taste of smog that hung in the air.

I guess you could say I’ve always been a bit of a loner, the girl who sits in the corner by herself while everyone else laughs and jokes with their friends, the girl who would rather throw up than have to put up with half of the selfish idiots that wonder the streets of this city.


Who wants to be friends with a girl who’s own Dad tried to rob a bank, and pathetically failed and got caught, a girl who’s brother is the leader of one of the most feared gangs in the whole of Auberon?

Yeah, that’s right. The answer is nobody.


I only have one friend, Haden, the only person who’s stuck by me through thick and thin, the only guy who would dare to laugh with me or even talk with me. He’s been my friend for as long as I can remember, always been there for me through all my life events. I can remember vividly the day my Dad was arrested, him being dragged away by the police, and Haden was there, holding my hand in his iron grip, assuring me that everything was going to be okay. He was there on my first day of school, whispering in my ear that things would get better.


Every birthday, every school day, every visit to my Dad… He was there.

Every tear that I shed, he wiped away, every cut that I got he would plaster up and laugh at my clumsiness. He was the perfect friend, there was nothing more I could ask of him.


It doesn’t bother me that everyone is either too scared to approach me, or constantly paranoid that if they do take a step too close I’d snatch their phone. Truth be told, I would never do such a thing. You get used to the assumptions after a while though.

I’m that one person that your parents tell you to avoid, that one person that people turn their noses up at and would rather stand than sit next to on a bus when there are no other seats left.


I’ve never really needed a lot of friends though. I mean, who needs friends when you have four siblings?

My family’s complicated, to say the least. I’m the youngest in the family, but I have a twin, Kara, she was first born though, making her older. Then there’s my three other siblings, Damion, Rebecca and Ty.


Damion’s the oldest, and is leader of some gang but I haven’t talked to him in a while, he moved out ages ago.


Rebecca is one year younger than him. She moved out after my Dad was thrown into prison. I have tried to talk to her, I’ve even stalked her on Facebook, but she just doesn’t want anything to do with our family anymore.


Ty’s a few years younger than her, but yet again I haven’t talked to him since my Mum found “pot” in his room and threw him out, onto the streets. My Mum won’t allow me talking to him, or helping him since she “doesn’t want me getting messed up in bad business”. She yells at me every time I mention his name.


Kara and I are seventeen, but you could say our relationship is rocky (some would even go as far as saying unstable). We haven’t spoken since she was taken to a mental institution for trying to kill me in my sleep! That happened a couple of months ago, and I still have nightmares about it. I wouldn’t sleep for weeks because I was scared someone would try to do it again, and even now I find it difficult, but Mum’s got me onto sleeping tablets to put me out. My Mum insists it wasn’t her fault, that she had a mental condition and she couldn’t help what she did. Apparently, she heard voices in her head that taunted her and told her to do unimaginable things. My guess is it got worse when Dad was taken away.


Then, there’s my Mum and Dad…


As I already said, my Dad’s in prison for trying to rob a bank. When he realised that he’d failed, and wouldn’t be able to get all the money he wanted, he shot two cops and somehow escaped. He returned home and pretended that nothing was wrong, lied right to our faces. That hurt the most, knowing that he tried to keep a charade up, tried to play happy families and continue our lives like he hadn’t just committed a crime. Of course, it didn’t last long. The police were onto him in no time.

He never told us why he did it. Personally, I think he needed money to support his secret gambling addiction.


I’m forced into visiting him every couple of months by my Mum, who is still desperately clawing at what is left of our family. It was like a tornado came in the middle of the night and tore our lives to tatters, leaving us in shambles and my poor Mum to pick up the pieces. Everything fell apart because of him, even if my Mum still has an image in her head of what she wants us to be like, a picture perfect family, it will never be true. I’ll never forgive him for that.


Last but not least, there’s my amazing Mum. Somehow, she survived through everything life threw at her, keeping herself happy and trying to get a smile on everyone’s face, trying to keep our family together. She’s the toughest person I know, she goes through people talking about her behind her back and avoiding her because of what her husband did, each and every day.

Somehow, she still loves my Dad and visits him every chance she gets, with tears flowing from her eyes and a grin etched across her face, grateful for the time they get to spend together.


I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts, dropping back down to Earth. I hated thinking of my family, it made me feel sad and angry knowing that we had let ourselves get torn apart.


I focused on my feet, my eyes tracing the cracks in the pavement. I felt the towering buildings at my side drop away, and a narrow alleyway open up beside me. I shivered, the cold air rushing over me and chilling my bones. Snuggling into my jumper, I picked up my pace.


One second I was walking along the roadside, the next I was being pulled into the alleyway, the sudden jerk throwing me off my feet and causing my heart to stop beating for a second too long. I was suddenly enveloped in darkness, the light from the buildings disappearing and the smell of garbage attacking my senses.


Before I could let out an ear piercing scream, a warm hand covered my mouth, and someone grabbed onto me tightly. I wanted to bite down on the strangers hand until I drew blood, and kick them to the curb but I couldn’t help but think they would be too fast for me.

My back made contact with the hard concrete wall of a building, the air being knocked out of me, and someone pinned me there, not letting me go. My head pounded, and I twisted about, trying to flail my arms and get away. I was being mugged, and there was nothing I could do about it.


I was terrified!

Was I going to die? Was this the end!? Was I going to be raped?!

My Mum had always warned me about walking on my own, and I regretted it deeply now. Why hadn’t I listened to her!?


I tried to break free from the persons grip, trying to bring my knee up and make it connect with their stomach, but it was no use. Panicking, I tried to shriek, but the hand covering my mouth prevented me and all I got was a raw throat.


Finally, I calmed down slightly and directed my frantic eyes to the stranger in front of me. Their face was covered by a hood and the darkness didn’t let me get a proper look, no matter how hard I squinted. The only thing I could tell, was that they were clearly male.


“If I take my hand away, will you scream?” The man’s voice whispered in my ear, husky and strained, his breath tickling my neck.

I shook my head, wanting this horrific moment to end. Of course I wasn’t going to scream, if I did he wouldn’t hesitate to cut my throat. I know what people like him did in the city on a daily basis, and I knew that if I didn’t do as he asked then I was going to face the consequences.


Hesitantly, the man took his hand away, probably eyeing me cautiously, hoping I wouldn’t let a noise escape my lips.


Eventually, the man pulled down his hood, revealing his identity. His face seemed familiar. Young, chubby cheeks, strong jaw line and high cheek bones. His eyes glittered a hazel brown, as he eyed me like a piece of meat, awaiting my reaction.


My breath caught in my throat, stopping the gasp I wanted to let out, my eyes widening as a sudden realisation dawned on me.

I was stood face to face with my brother, Ty, in the middle of a dark, creepy alley way about to be attacked by him after he practically yanked me off the streets and threw me about like a rag doll.


“What the hell, Ty!?” I shouted, anger boiling through my veins, a rage rushing through me as I stopped myself from punching him in the nose and pushing him off me. I was seriously debating it…


“Look, Rose, I know that you hate me because I used to do drugs, which I stopped by the way, but you need to listen to me!” He demanded, putting his hand up to stop my protests. “You’re in danger. We all are.”

Now I was more confused than I was angry. What the hell was Ty on about? Was he high or something? Why would I ever be in danger? No one in my school even knew my name, never mind anyone else.

“What do you mean I’m in danger?” I questioned, as he backed up slightly, scratching the back of his neck. His face screwed up into a look of concentration, as if he was thinking of the best way to tell me what was going on.


A loud squeak rang in my ears, forcing my eyes to snap towards the direction of the sound. At the mouth of the alley, a black car had pulled up and parked right at the side, its windows blacked out and the engine rumbling.


My eyebrows knitted together, and I turned to Ty, about to ask if he’d asked for a lift home from some friends, when I stopped myself. The look on his face was of sheer terror. His face had drained, his eyes widened with fear and glued to the car.


“What’s wr-“ I was cut off, as Ty gripped onto my hand and launched himself down the alley, away from the black car.

I felt as if my arm had been yanked from its socket, but had no time to complain since I was already being pulled after him as he raced down the alleyway, dragging me along with him.


“What are we running from!?” I yelled, trying to keep up with him and focusing on not letting my feet get tangled together.

No answer. Just more running.


I pulled with all my might, pushing my heels into the ground and trying to stop him from running away. He stumbled back, turning round to look at me, tugging at my arm.

“Tyler, I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on!” I demanded, glad that I’d managed to stop him in his tracks.


“There’s no time to talk or explain!” He shouted, trying to pull my hand and make me fall forward, but I didn’t budge. I wasn’t going anywhere until he started to explain what was going on.


“Rose! We have to run!” He shouted, pulling me round a corner and trying to get me to start running again. Instead, I gripped onto the corner of the wall and strained to stop myself from moving. “I’ll pick you up and carry you if I have to!”


He gripped my wrist with a painful amount of force, and pried me from the wall, quickly. We took off again, me running with him, knowing that if I didn’t he would carry me and I didn’t want that to happen. Last time he’d given me a piggy back, he’d dropped me on the ground and I’d almost cracked my head open.


Footsteps sounded behind us, pounding against the path a short distance away. I gasped, shocked and stunned, my mouth dropping open and my heart rate speeding up dramatically. People were actually chasing us!

I began to pick up my pace, smashing each foot over the other, taking lunges and leaps, desperately trying to lose them.

Why were they after us!? What had we done to them?


It seemed like we’d been running for hours, even if it had only been around ten minutes, and a sweat was breaking out across my forehead, my breathing growing erratic, as I struggled forward. I was beginning to think that we’d never lose them. I was out of breath, and if we didn’t lose them soon I’d be on the floor, gasping for air.

Suddenly, Ty made a sharp turn. I followed, spinning behind the corner and getting out of sight of the people that ran behind us.


Ty jumped, leaping over some bins and crates, getting himself into a crouching position, and disappearing behind them. Quickly, I did the same, hiding behind the large bins, dumpster and old crates that lay about in the derelict street corner.


They appeared a second later, a man and a woman, dressed entirely in black from their trousers, to their tight black tops that clung to their bulging muscles tightly only covered by a leather jacket. They even wore gloves, and combat boots, their feet pounding by. To my surprise, they ran right passed us.


I let out a sigh of relief, crumpling backwards and relaxing myself. I felt like I was going to keel over and pass out, or my heart would jump out of my chest.

Together, we waited a few minutes, making sure that they had long gone. Gazing at Ty expectantly, waiting for his indication that it was alright to stand up, sure that he knew more about this than me, he finally announced we could come out of hiding.


Luckily, the people were clearly long gone, but that didn’t stop Ty from looking about frantically and jumping at the slightest noise. He was paranoid. Very paranoid. How long had he been hiding from these people?


“I think you owe me an explanation.” I announced, shooting him a glare.

“I know, I do. You must be really confused, but I can’t tell you… Not right now anyway. The people who chased us could still be nearby. They always have eyes and ears on me, almost all the time!” He explained.

“When will you tell me then? You’ll need to start talking soon, you can’t keep me in the dark forever, Ty.” I shot back, confusion, anger and a wild curiosity ripping through me with a small dash of fear.


“I don’t know what to do, Rose. I don’t even know everything myself yet, how do you expect me to tell you?” He threw his hands in the air, frustrated and still glancing about. I noticed the bags under his eyes, dark and droopy, and a horrible sensation shot into my heart, noticing that he hadn’t been sleeping well. I knew how that felt, and it made me feel terrible to know he was experiencing something similar.


“Please?” I pleaded, clasping my hands together. “If you don’t I’ll have to tell Mum everything. Including the part where you almost attacked me. If we’re in danger and you won’t explain, then I’ll have to take this to the police. You shouldn’t be getting stalked!”

“It might not just be me. I’m worried that it’s all of our family. Our brothers and sisters. Have you talked to them lately?” He grilled me.


“Nope. Come on, just spill it.”

“Fine! I’ll tell you tomorrow.” He finally agreed, leaning in closer, inching his mouth towards my ear and dropping his voice to a low whisper. “Meet me at the cove, tomorrow at 2. I might be late, trying to get them off my tail.”


I nodded, relief washing over me, glad that he was opening up and trusting me with valued information. Sure, I’d threatened to approach Mum and the authorities about it if he didn’t, but he wouldn’t have told me otherwise.

“I could walk you home.” He piped up, stuffing his hands deep into his pockets.


I could already see my Mum having a fit, if she caught me with him. As soon as she spotted him, she would lose it and might even threaten to call the police if he doesn’t back up and stay away from us. And then, she would ground me for weeks and I would never be able to venture into the city by myself ever again.

“No!” I yelled out, biting my lip after realising my outburst. “I mean, it’s not that I don’t want you too. I just…”

I was lost for words. How do you put “Mum would kill me if she saw me with you”, nicely?


“Mum would have a fit if she saw me. I understand. I could still walk you to the street, though?” He offered, biting his lip. His nails were already bitten to the beds, and he’d paled since I’d last seen him. He might have been off drugs, but this issue with the “stalkers in black” had really drained him and he looked physically ill.

I nodded again, feeling sorry for him. He couldn’t even come within metres of his old home without his own Mother freaking out. It was strange that she was trying to mend our family, and keep us together yet she was pushing him away and creating a divide between us, driving a wedge into our relationship.


We walked almost half of the way home, through dark alleyways and crossing main roads, before Ty finally spoke up, breaking the awkward silence.


“So, I heard about Kara.”

How could I not see the Kara thing popping up? Of course he knew that had happened, gossip spreads around this place like wildfire, especially if it was about us, the Banes.


“Yeah, she’s being held in a mental institution for now. I think she’s meant to be getting out soon.” I replied, avoiding his gaze, trying to stop my voice from cracking or tears from leaving my eyes.

The thought of Kara getting out gave me the shivers. I still loved her, I always had, but I knew that once she was back to living under the same roof as me I wouldn’t get a wink of sleep again. I’d constantly be on guard, and flinch away from her every time she came a little too near, wither I wanted to or not.


“Are you okay?” His tone softened. I was shaking under his eyes, as they burned into the side of my head. “From what I heard, she tried to kill you.”

I nodded in response, not wanting to talk to anyone about the subject.


“Were you hurt?” He asked, as we neared my street, just a few turns away.

“I was fine.” I lied. “Just a little shaken, I guess.”


When it happened I was totally freaking out, having mental breakdowns, panic attacks at night and the hysterical tears and sobs that escaped my mouth didn’t cease for days. The police had come and took Kara away, and I’d just locked myself in my room and cried. In fact, I didn’t sleep properly for weeks. And then when I started to sleep, I had horrible nightmares.


We eventually got to the entrance of my street. I didn’t want to leave Ty, what if those people came back to get him?


“I’ll see you tomorrow, at the Cove? Half two?”

“See you then.” I muttered, walking away from him.


I approached my house, my thoughts still firmly fixed on what had happened today. When I’d woken up that morning, I’d never expected something so crazy to happen. Was this just the start?


Flinging my creaky door open, I entered my house, soaking in the warm air that hit my face. The mind boggling smell of food being cooked made my mouth water, and drew me forward like a magnet. Following the smell, I ended up in the kitchen, seeing my Mum stooped over a pot, stirring cheesy pasta, my favourite. She’d always been a good cook, she could make anything.


“Hello Rose.” She smiled, stepping back from her boiling pot, which looked like it was almost ready. “You were gone for a while. Were you with Haden?”


“Yep, I was.” I lied through my teeth, again, avoiding her (Mum could always detect when I was lying if she looked me in the eye), and sitting at the table in my seat.


When I was little, my siblings and I would argue about who would sit in what seats every night, so eventually my Mum had enough and came up with a smart plan. She allocated us all seats, and it’s kind of stuck since then, even though I could sit anywhere now. I used to sit next to Kara, Rebecca sat across from me next to Ty, and Mum and Damion sat at the two ends of the table. My Dad never really ate with us, mostly because there wasn’t enough room at the table, but later on he would either be at the pub or eating in the living room so he could watch TV while he chomped down his dinner.


“That’s odd.” My Mum shot me look, and I instantly knew I was dead. “Haden called the house, and asked if you were going out.”

Her face was reddening already, she hated when I lied, especially when I was lying to her.

Great, now my Mum is going to start asking questions.

“Oh! Er… I was on a walk.” I declared, nodding my head vigorously, hoping she’d be convinced. “I needed to clear my head. Y’know, with everything happening lately, I’ve got a lot of stuff on my mind.”

“Like what?” She demanded, her hands on her hips and she was eyeing me up like she didn’t believe any pointless word I was spouting out.

I needed to pull out the big guns, something I would never bring up on my own, unless I had too.

“Kara’s getting out soon.”


I bowed my head, just saying her name was like a stab in the side, my heart burning and my eyes trying to hold back the tears.

It was half true anyway, the whole reason I was outside is because I wanted to walk about aimlessly and clear my head, but then I talked to Ty and things just went downhill rapidly.


“Rose, you know how I feel about you walking around the streets on your own. In this day and age, it’s not safe.  There are bad people lurking out there, for helpless, innocent people like you.” She scolded. “I can’t lose another child, you have to understand, and I’ll do anything to keep you safe even if that means making annoying rules. And I know you’re worried about Kara coming back but when the incident happened Kara wasn’t… Herself. She’s on medication now, and will be in a stable condition when she gets home. Everything will be fine.”


My Mum and I both knew that Kara wouldn’t be back to normal, she never would be normal ever again. She’ll still have schizophrenia, she’ll still hear and see things that aren’t really there. She might even want to kill me more, after all, I was the whole reason she was put in the institution. I’ve tried talking to my Mum about my feelings towards Kara but she just won’t listen. She acts like everything never happened. How can she think that we’re the perfect little family? My own sister tried to kill me, my Dad is in jail, I’m melting down, my Mum is overworked and stressed, my other sister hates us all, my brother used to be on drugs and is now being stalked and my other brother leads a gang. We would never be perfect. We would never be normal.



It was 1am, I was lying in my bed, waiting for sleep to come. How could I not be tired after what had happened? I thought I would be knocked out cold as soon as my head hit the pillow. I couldn’t wait much longer, I wanted tomorrow to come, Ty was going to tell me what was going on and I was desperate for some answers.


Yet at the same time, I couldn’t help but think of all the bad things. Did I really want to know?


How could today start out so ordinary and end in fear and mystery?

Hey everyone,  hope you enjoyed this new chapter. It gives more information and background to her family, along with explaining some of the sticky situations she’s already in or will be introduced to in the future. 

Expected Update Day = Tuesday 8th July

Teaser will be posted this Saturday, so hope you enjoy that too. 

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